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Category Archives for Hot News

Happy 10th Anniversary Champion of My Heart

April 13, 2017, marks the 10th anniversary of Champion of My Heart. No kidding. Our first blog post went live a decade ago. I’d been mulling the idea for a while, and on a bit of a whim, I tossed up the blog in a single day. So much has changed over the years. Thanks to those who’ve been along for the ride the entire time. Welcome to those who’ve joined us recently. Look how far we’ve come!! Let us know if there are new ideas or resources you’d like us to create.

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The Genius of Cause Marketing

Do you know the term cause marketing? It essentially means companies do good work, fund good ideas, or support non-profit efforts. In some cases, big companies create their own foundations. In other cases, they boost someone else’s efforts. As an example, an opportunity launched today that will give scholarships to 3 middle-school students to attend veterinary summer camp. So, if you know a middle-school kid who wants to become a veterinarian, please share this info!

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