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If you want to contact Champion of My Heart (Roxanne Hawn)

Do you want to contact Champion of My Heart? Before you fire off an email, please take note of a few policies.

We DO welcome notes and questions from fans and blog readers. 

We DO welcome ideas for relevant paid / sponsored dog product reviews that we write ourselves. 

We DO welcome pitches for relevant dog books for review. 

We DO NOT accept guest posts at all. This includes paid / sponsored posts written by the sponsor.

We DO NOT insert links (paid or otherwise) to old or new posts simply because people ask, and they ask a lot.

We DO NOT promote crowd-funding campaigns at all.

We DO NOT reply to SPAM emails and requests, where it's clear the sender knows ZERO about Champion of My Heart. Examples of spam notes include:

  • Emails for completely irrelevant topics or products
  • Emails that don't use direct address (aka starting with Hi! or Hey! without any reference to us)
  • Emails that clearly use mail-merge ... and badly at that (like including the wrong name)
  • Emails addressed to Lilly (our original canine heroine who has been DEAD for years)
  • Emails that only ask for links

Beyond that? Email us and we'll see if your ideas or offers are a good match for us and our readers (or not).

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