Dog Product Reviews 

Champion of My Heart does welcome dog product review pitches. We are particularly interested in collaborating with high-end dog products from brands with a BUDGET for such relationships.

A sponsored content post or product review starts at $300. Because we cannot pay our bills with dog treats, dog toys, or other dog products, we ALMOST NEVER do reviews in exchange for the product itself alone. 

We only do reviews of dog products that are good match for us and our readers.

 Because Champion of My Heart is primarily a real-time memoir, we don't just post to post. We prefer posts, including dog product reviews and dog toy reviews, relate in some way to our real (somewhat rural) life and lifestyle in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

We will be honest about what we like and what we don't about dog products or gifts or services for dog lovers. Our readers expect our real opinions, and that's what we give them. 

We place our readers in the 20% if not top 2% of dog owners in the U.S., meaning they already know a LOT about:

  • Dogs
  • Dog care
  • Dog health
  • Dog training and behavior
Dog Products We Won't Review (dog food)

We do NOT experiment with our dogs' nutrition for the sake of the blog, so we don't review or talk about dog foods, unless it's something we actually do feed.

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