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Champion of My Heart first launched in April 2007.
DOG YEARS. That's an EON AGO in publishing.

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Constant Copyright Infringement for Artists and Creatives
In my online life, I often come across artists, cartoonists, and other creative people fighting an ongoing battle against constant copyright infringement. Their fans regularly spot and alert them about their work and illustrations being ripped off and used -- without any credit -- by others. Here are a few examples, and how you can help.
NW News Clover’s First Try at a NW2 Title
Clover and I attended our first NW2 trial at the end of March 2022. Thanks to our early successes in canine nosework, we had high hopes for getting this new title on the first try as well. Alas, I botched one of the first two searches of the day (mostly because of how trauma from the November dog attack started affecting my heart, so I wasn't feeling well). But, we rallied the entire rest of the day -- with Clover getting 4 of the 5 searches, 7 of the 8 hides, so still an incredible success for us. Check out the videos of our searches and other details on how the day went and what I learned from our failure and our successes.
Pyometra in Dogs Questions and Answers
Because I wrote a best-selling pet loss book, people often email me with stories of how their dogs died. Recently, someone asked me to write about pyometra in dogs because they'd recently lost their 11-year-old female dog to it. So in honor of that sweet dog, I gathered all the top questions and answers about canine pyometra, which is a potentially life-threatening infection in the uterus. Maybe useful to you now or in the future. Maybe a few stats, symptoms, and risks you didn't know. Plus, one real-life story of a dog who survived pyometra in our family.
Animal Rescue Mistakes After a Wildfire
Colorado suffered a terrible wildfire, driven by crazy-high winds, in late 2021 that ripped through neighborhoods and whole towns. Find really good reporting on the Marshall Fire here. Amid the devastation? So many lost and terrified pets, and people desperate to help them. Facebook groups popped up instantly with people sharing photos, locations, and such for both lost and found pets. As much as everyone wants to help, many make animal rescue mistakes. Here are the top things NOT to do, in my humble opinion.

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