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An Award-Winning Dog Site by Roxanne Hawn

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Champion of My Heart launched in April 2007. 

Forget DOG YEARS. That's an EON AGO in publishing.

Welcome! People from all over the world continue to access our important resources. And for that, we're so very grateful.

We're kinda famous for things: 

  1. FREE Canine Relaxation Protocol Audio Files
  2. Adverse vaccine reaction killed our original canine heroine

The Story Behind Champion of My Heart

Backstory here.

TL/DR version: Dogs often earn "championships" of all kinds in a variety of dog sports and other competitive venues. For many, including probably my dogs, that's unlikely ... and yet ... they remain the champions of my heart. 

Who lives here now?

Clover, Tori, and Mr. Stix + occasional foster puppies & foster dogs

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