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Champion of My Heart first launched in April 2007.
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Veterinary Care Inequities
I recently researched and wrote a lengthy article for veterinary professionals on veterinary care inequities. It's NOT YET published, but some important parts got axed in editing. It felt like an issue of fragility, if you understand that term. I argued (and lost). I feel that NOT sharing painful details about the problem only perpetuates inequities many people face when trying to access veterinary care for their pets. So, I alerted some of the people I interviewed about the editing cuts and got permission to share these key points here instead. Who isn't getting the veterinary care? How common are veterinary care inequities? What barriers do people face? What underlying biases preserve the problem? And, how does this bias and lack of access feel in real life? Let's take a look.
Dog Size and Cancer Risks
Maybe I'm more distracted after handing off our tiniest-ever foster puppy (Pavé) earlier this week, but this third cancer relative risk paper from Nationwide Pet Insurance is really something to wade through. It discusses dog size and cancer risks — overall as well as for several specific / common canine cancers (bone cancer, splenic cancer, liver cancer, lymphatic cancer, mammary cancer). This may require more than one post. I may do a video at some point, but let's dig into at least some of it now. Scroll all the way down to see bonus photos and more info about tiny Pavé in case you missed him on our social media feeds.
SUPA Naturals Boo Boo Butter and Dog Dermatology Update
Started using SUPA Naturals Boo Boo Butter for our special needs dog-dude, Mr. Stix, and I think it's helping. I've swapped at least one topical meds application each day instead to the boo boo butter. He sees his veterinary dermatologist again next week for a routine check-up so that we can continue to get refills of the long-term oral and topical medicines we use for his chronic / autoimmune skin issues detailed in an earlier post. I'm excited to show him our recent progress.
20% OFF West Paw Sale Thru July 17, 2022
I'll write more soon about each of our new affiliates, but this huge West Paw sale is too amazing to miss. Get 20% off West Paw toys and other products. Discount code ahead! Sale ends Sunday, July 17, 2022.

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