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Champion of My Heart first launched in April 2007.
DOG YEARS. That's an EON AGO in publishing.

We've created many important resources over the years that people from all over the world continue to access. And for that, we're so very grateful.

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Dog Broken Leg Cast Tips
Starting with our very broken first foster puppy (now family member) Mr. Stix who arrived at our local shelter with 15 fractures -- all four legs, his hips and his tail, we started specialize in fostering dogs who've likely been hit by a car or similar vehicle. For example, with Mr. Stix, we wonder maybe something more like an ATV since clearly the wreck didn't kill him or cause any internal organ damage (that we know of). As we learned, though, from the unexpected death of foster puppy Dream from an undetected internal injury, no guarantees about how a dog broken leg situation will turn out. With so many injured dogs and puppies in our experience bank, I figured I'd share a few dog broken leg cast tips. Yep, that's a keyword. Sorry it's weird.
Dog Not Eating – Sudden Dog Food Aversion
What. A. Week. Non-stop snow and wind and cold (and work deadlines). Then, Clover stopped eating. It happened once before during a lengthy false pregnancy. Don't miss myths and facts about dogs who won't eat from back then. This time, it turns out, the situation started with 1 or potentially a confluence of 3 things. Let's take a look.
Veterinary Noncompete Clauses and You
After my recent post about corporate veterinary consolidation and my concerns, I got a tip about about the related problems of veterinary noncompete clauses and how they affect veterinarian's career options. It affects you too, as a veterinary client. Let's take a look at how and even what the Federal Trade Commission may do about it.
Veterinary Consolidation Continues
I feel absolutely gutted to learn that yet another veterinary hospital we've used for 30+ years got gobbled up in veterinary consolidation. It's the incredible facility (with doctors and others I consider friends) where we go for emergency and specialty care. When it got bought several years ago by one of the smaller veterinary corporations, I wasn't thrilled, but I also consoled myself with the idea that at least they chose a smaller one. I imagined them banding together to fend off the veterinary consolidation giants. In December 2022, I learned they fell to the same huge company that also owns the general veterinary practice we use. It seems I cannot escape the long arm of NVA at least until someone bigger buys them too.

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