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Introducing the All New Look for Champion of My Heart
Since Champion of My Heart first published in April 2007, we've done a few redesigns. The most recent one went live today (November 17, 2017). The all new look has more to do with the site working better for users than it does with cosmetic changes. Here's a recap of what's new and why our all new look matters.
Happy Gotcha Day #2 , Tori
I still laugh when I think about how I woke up 2 years ago NOT KNOWING that we'd have another new puppy that day. Despite the challenges of raising 2 young herding dogs at the same time, adopting Tori was a good decision. She and Clover truly behave like soul mates / soul sisters, and she is a good and funny friend to us. Happy Gotcha Day, Miss Tori. We celebrate the day she came home, September 23.
Happy Gotcha #3 Day, Clover
How is this possible? Three years already ! Clover flew clear across the country 3 years ago on September 13, 2014, to live with us. Happy Gotcha Day, darling girl! Cute pix and some medical news ahead.
Victory! Thank Goodness for GOOD Tech People
Quick update. On the advice of fellow bloggers, I hired a totally new website hosting company. The guy there was[...]

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