About Champion of My Heart

Dog blog Champion of My Heart is a real-time canine memoir. Hey, there! I’m  Roxanne Hawn, a professional freelance writer / journalist and award-winning blogger. I launched Champion of My Heart in April 2007.

It began as stories of life with a fearful border collie named Lilly Elizabeth Hawn. Unfortunately, Lilly became sick with vaccine-induced brain inflammation in January 2012. Lilly died December 17, 2013, after a 693-day fight for her life. Roxanne’s recovery from the loss of her canine soul mate is ongoing. 

In September 2014, a new canine heroine joined the family. Meet Clover Lee Hawn and learn more about how fate intervened to help heal our broken hearts.

dog blog, border collie puppy, champion of my heart

And, because we’re silly, in September 2015, a SECOND canine heroine joined the fun. Meet Tori Autumn Hawn.

border collie puppies smiling, champion of my heart

The blog will now chronicle new adventures with our 2 amazing puppy-girls!

champion of my heart dog blog

3 photos of border collie puppies playing