About Champion of My Heart 

Let's see. What do you need to know about Champion of My Heart?

Dog blog Champion of My Heart is a real-time canine memoir. Hey, there! I'm  Roxanne Hawn, a professional freelance writer / journalist and award-winning blogger. I launched Champion of My Heart in April 2007.

It began as stories of life with a fearful border collie named Lilly Elizabeth Hawn. Unfortunately, Lilly became sick with vaccine-induced brain inflammation in January 2012. Lilly died December 17, 2013, after a 693-day fight for her life. Recovery from the loss of our canine soul mate is ongoing. 

In September 2014, a new canine heroine joined the family. Meet Clover Lee Hawn and learn more about how fate intervened to help heal our broken hearts.

And, because we're silly, in September 2015, a SECOND canine heroine joined the fun. Meet Tori Autumn Hawn.

Then, in 2019, we ended up adopting our first-ever foster puppy. Meet Mr. Stix.

The blog will now chronicle new adventures with all 3 of our amazing dogs -- and the occasional foster puppy (or 2 or 3)!

champion of my heart foster puppies photos

About Champion of My Heart Awards !

Roxanne Hawn / Champion of My Heart honors include the following award wins and nominations:
  • Humane Society of Boulder Valley Community Engagement Award Winner
  • DogTime Media Best Dog Blog Award Winner
  • DogTime Media Best Dog Blog Award Finalist
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