Book Reviews 

Champion of My Heart's book review policy is pretty simple.

I'm open to book review pitches -- if a book seems relevant and interesting to me and the blog's readers.  

If it's faster and easier for you, I do have a KINDLE and know how to send Kindle files from email to the device. On the other hand, I find plain PDF files miserable to read, so let's not do that. 

As with dog product reviews, I give my honest opinion about what I like and what I don't like about books.

Books We Won't Review

Champion of My Heart promotes positive reinforcement, pain-free, intimidation-free dog training. I do NOT condone the dangerous, debunked, and scientifically inaccurate dominance theory in dog training, including the people who promote it. I simply do not subscribe to the whole "pack leader" thing. I loathe the term "alpha," and we abhor shock collars, choke collars, pinch/prong collars, and any other dog training tool that hurts or scares dogs.

If I come across alpha dog or dog dominance in a book or mention of people (famous or otherwise) who use such methods, and it isn't done to argue against it, then I will stop reading immediately and NOT review the book. Period.

I'm simply exhausted with people who should know better using the term alpha / pack leader. I wholeheartedly support this anti-alpha article by Pat Miller, which reads in part ... "Why every mention of 'alpha dogs' or 'dominant' dogs is dangerous to all dogs."

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