Book Reviews

Updated April 2015



We’re open to new book review pitches — if a book seems relevant and interesting to us. ¬†


We’re big readers here. We like doing book reviews once a month, if possible.

We FINALLY got a KINDLE, so we do now accept e-book versions as well as actual books.

As with dog product reviews, we will give our honest opinion about what we like and what we don’t about books.

Champion of My Heart promotes positive reinforcement, pain-free, intimidation-free dog training. We do NOT condone the dangerous, debunked, and scientifically inaccurate dominance theory in dog training, including the people who promote it. We simply do not subscribe to the whole “pack leader” thing. We loathe the term “alpha,” and we abhor shock collars, choke collars, pinch/prong collars, and any other dog training tool that hurts or scares dogs into behaving.

Starting in 2012, if we come across alpha dog or dog dominance in a book or mention of people (famous or otherwise) who use such methods, and it isn’t done to argue against it, then we will stop reading and NOT review the book. Period.

We’re simply exhausted with people who should know better using the term alpha / pack leader. We whole-heartedly support this anti-alpha article by Pat Miller, which reads in part … “Why every mention of ‘alpha dogs’ or ‘dominant’ dogs is dangerous to all dogs.”