Adverse Vaccine Reaction Archives 

Lilly, the original canine heroine of Champion of My Heart, died December 17, 2013, following a 23-month fight for her life -- after she suffered a severe adverse rabies vaccine reaction. 

We posted nearly 190 blog updates between January 2012 when the adverse vaccine reaction first happened on through December 2013 when Lilly died. 

That's a LOT to wade through, so here are a few quick links to some of the most important adverse vaccine reaction information.

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Routine Rabies Vaccine Gone Wrong

The very first days of Lilly's deadly reaction to a routine rabies vaccine (late January 2012 and early February 2012)

Lilly's massive adverse vaccine reaction relapse in August 2012.

Adverse Vaccine Reaction FAQ

FAQ Part 1

FAQ Part 2

FAQ Part 3

FAQ Part 4

FAQ Part 5

Adverse Vaccine Reaction Financial Settlement Offer

Redacted version of the letter sent to the vaccine company asking for financial help paying for the extreme costs of Lilly's veterinary care, following the severe adverse vaccine reaction

Settlement Discussion Part 1

Settlement Discussion Part 2

Settlement Discussion Part 3

Settlement Discussion Part 4

Settlement Discussion Part 5

Lilly's Final Days

When everything keeps getting WAY more complicated

Last gasp of Lilly's immune system

The day Lilly died

Lilly tribute video

Lilly's obituary

Lilly's last days

How Much Did It Cost to Try and Save Lilly?

Adverse Vaccine Reaction Cost Case Study

How Do You Survive the Death of Your Heart Dog ... especially from something SO horrible?

Look for some good ideas on how to cope with a loss like this inside Heart Dog: Surviving the Loss of Your Canine Soul Mate.

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