Sorry, No Guest Posts (or links) 

Because Champion of My Heart is primarily a real-time memoir and a place for important dog / veterinary news, we don't just post topics to post them. We prefer posts relate in some way to our real (somewhat rural) life and lifestyle in the Colorado Rocky Mountains ... or to the lives or experiences of our very high-end readers. (Think top 2%.)

After far too many years of poor-quality, absurd, black-hat tactic, and unrelated guest post offers, WE DO NOT ACCEPT GUEST POSTS at all. We also DO NOT place links to other sites simply because someone asks.

None. Save yourself time and don't ask.

We continue to get SO may links requests and guest post pitches that most of the time they get ignored completely. Deleted. Sometimes sent to the SPAM filter if they are particularly annoying and off topic.

We do try to take time to answer if the guest post offer seems sincere, but if there are any SPAM-like red flags, then the pitch gets ignored.

For us, SPAM-like means:

  • The email isn't addressed specifically to us.
  • The email claims the sender reads the blog, when that clearly is NOT the case.
  • The email flat out asks for a link to be placed (paid or not).
  • The email touts a topic that has zero to do with dogs or the site.
  • The email clearly uses mail merge to fill in our names, a blog link, and possible topics. (It's especially hilarious when the mail merge fails and reveals the SPAM-like nature of the offer.)
  • The emails and follow-ups come in a frequent and oddly aggressive manner.
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