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Category Archives for Q & A

Cuterebra in Dogs Questions and Answers

Cuterebra in dogs — also called warbles, botfly larva, and straight-up maggots — rank pretty high on the yuck scale. Yes, in some cases, they can be dangerous too. Based on real-life experience with them over the years, let me answer some common questions in case you ever need to know. To see what cuterebra holes look like and what cuterebra themselves look like scroll all the way down. That way I don't accidently gross anyone out. Your choice to scroll that far, or not.

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Pyometra in Dogs Questions and Answers

Because I wrote a best-selling pet loss book, people often email me with stories of how their dogs died. Recently, someone asked me to write about pyometra in dogs because they'd recently lost their 11-year-old female dog to it. So in honor of that sweet dog, I gathered all the top questions and answers about canine pyometra, which is a potentially life-threatening infection in the uterus. Maybe useful to you now or in the future. Maybe a few stats, symptoms, and risks you didn't know. Plus, one real-life story of a dog who survived pyometra in our family.

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Dogs Who Won’t Eat – Myths and Facts About Picky Eaters

So what’s the deal with dogs who won’t eat? Well, it’s complicated. When I first went public via my personal social media channels with information about Clover’s recent tummy troubles and the now-constant challenge of getting her to eat, I got a lot of advice. No surprise, I suppose. Some of it was better than others. Most of it involved strategies I’d already tried. Certain bits of advice prompted a veterinary nutritionist pal to send me a private note basically saying she was having a hard time NOT commenting about all the bad advice people were posting. So, I asked her a few questions about dogs who won’t eat in hopes of sorting out myths from facts when it comes to dogs who are picky eaters.

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Tales of Canine Tummy Troubles and New Veterinary Diet from Purina #sponsored

The dogs in my life have always been PIGS. Serious P-I-G pigs. It’s helpful because if they won’t eat, then you KNOW something is wrong. Really wrong. Enter our new canine heroine, Clover Lee Hawn, who for about a month now has NOT been eating well. It’s STRESSING me out. So, when our friends and sponsors at Purina asked me to write about the new “natural” version of their veterinary diets for pets with tummy upset, I agreed. More about Clover’s tummy, two cool infographics, and a Q&A with Purina’s veterinary diet experts … just ahead.

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Dog Blog Poll: Should a Vaccine Company Help Cover Costs When Vaccines Cause Expensive Outcomes?

I’ve heard mixed reviews / advice / responses to whether or not the company who made the vaccine should help pay for the veterinary costs of diagnosing and treating the resulting meningoencephalomyelitis / meningoencephalitis (inflammation of the brain and lining of the brain and spinal cord) that Lilly suffered after getting her 3-year rabies vaccine nearly 2 months ago. Today, I’m asking what you think. Please take our two-question dog blog poll.

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Blog Book Tour: Dieting With My Dog Q&A

Fellow dog writer and dog blogger Peggy Frezon from Peggy’s Pet Place asked us to take part in blog book tour to promote her new book Dieting With My Dog: One Busy Life; Two Full Figures and Unconditional Love. I’m VERY good at keeping Lilly’s weight perfect, and I mean perfect. Even our veterinary nutritionist friend said Lilly had a perfect body condition. Me? As I mentioned last week, not so much. So, I asked Peggy a few questions about her weight-loss journey.

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