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Category Archives for Dog Product Review

Dog Product Review: Music to Comfort Your Elderly Canine

Lilly sleeps a bit better these days — often only waking us 1-2 times a night. Tom took over most night duty because there are fewer stumbles down the hall to help Lilly and because he is MUCH better at going back to sleep than I am. I lie awake and worry … a lot. There are several reasons things might have improved overnight, including the addition of the latest CD from our friends at Through a Dog’s Ear called Music to Comfort Your Elderly Canine.

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Canine Chemo – Dry Mouth

While we use cytarabine — a chemo drug with good anti-inflammatory properties for our needs — at lower doses than would be required for cancer treatment, Lilly still suffers from a dry mouth after her injections every 3 weeks. Her nose is also CRAZY dry (more from the steroids than the chemo), but not nearly as bad as in February, when she developed massive nosebleeds. Here is a recap of our solutions.

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Incontinent Dogs – Diaper Options

Living with incontinent dogs is NOT easy. I find myself surprised how frustrating, time-consuming, and icky having a totally incontinent dog (for months on end, with no resolution in sight) can be. I wish I could only focus on Lilly’s strength and recovery, but I cannot. Here is a recap of the diaper options we’ve tried, including links to specific products.

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