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July 5, 2012

Wise Up! Workbooks for organizing life’s information released new petcare versions. Essentially, Organizing the Care of My Dog ($12.99) is a comb-bound workbook for your dog’s important details if anyone needs to step-in and care for her — temporarily or otherwise.

Updated in 2011, Organizing the Care of My Dog  provides space for you to record the following types of information:

  • Dog’s personality(good with people? good with dogs?, etc)
  • Dog’s daily routine
  • Feeding instructions
  • List and location of dog supplies in your home
  • Health information
  • Pet insurance information
  • Instructions upon your death, including a sample trust
  • Instructions upon your dog’s death

best dog blog, champion of my heart, organizing the care of my dog workbook coverDesigned for use by petcare professionals or for friends / family if you end up suddenly ill or something, Organizing the Care of My Dog gives you the place to store critical information about your pet’s unique needs.

With the rampant wildfires scorching our home state of Colorado, this book would make a welcome addition to our dog evacuation kit that already includes:

  • Food
  • Medicines
  • Collars, harnesses, muzzles, leashes
  • Both paper and electronic vaccine records
  • Prepared LOST DOG posters (just in case)
  • Toys
  • Pet insurance forms and policy details

Since Lilly’s needs shift almost daily, I personally would have a hard time keeping the workbook current. I think I might like a loose-leaf binder version better, but I can see why the publisher chose this self-contained format.

Other Uses

I wonder if these workbooks might also make nice adoption package extra. If foster families completed the main sections about what a particular adoptable dog or cat is used to, I think it would be really helpful to the pet’s new family.

So, there’s my marketing tip to the Wise Up! team.


I’m only slightly swayed by the fact that the dog on the workbook cover looks so much like our big boy, Ginko.


As a thank-you gift, we’ll be mailing our copy of Organizing the Care of My Dog to loyal fan / reader Susan Tillman for helping us last weekend when we had another big health scare with Lilly.


FTC Disclosure

Nick Iauco from Brand Intelligence sent me a free review copy of Organizing the Care of My Dog. I was not compensated in any way for this review.




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  1. This would have been handy to have with our last pup, Abby, who had bone cancer. So many supplements and things to keep track of. I just had stuff scribbled in a notebook. It’s a good idea for fosters to include this in an adoption package!

  2. Thanks, Roxanne! This sounds like it will be a useful addition to our ever-expanding Wrigs library. I hope Lilly is having a good day.

  3. I agree with your suggestion that the book be looseleaf. I’ve created similar documents for Honey when we leave her in the care of a petsitter. But things change so I have to tweak details every year.

    Great idea to include with your emergency kit, too.

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