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Product Review and Giveaway: Oreck Air Purifier

To celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Champion of My Heart, we’re doing our biggest giveaway to date — a high-end air purifier from Oreck (retail value around $400).

On April 13, 2007, which also was a Friday the 13th, we began Champion of My Heart. Since then, Champion of My Heart has become an award-winning dog blog of some note. Thank you!

To celebrate, we’re giving away ONE Oreck AirInstinct air purifier through a random drawing of qualifying entries.

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15 Great Pet Blogs Features Champion of My Heart

best dog blog champion of my heartHappy Tails Books honored me and Lilly with an invitation to be included in a new book called 15 Great Pet Blogs … and their most memorable posts. Through the end of June, Champion of My Heart readers can use a special discount code for $2 off the book’s purchase.

15 Great Pet Blogs is 128 pages and sells for $12.95. Like all of the books published by Happy Tails, at least 25% of net profits from 15 Great Pet Blogs will be donated back to the rescue of the buyer’s choice.

Simply enter this code at checkout to receive your discount: blogbuddy2

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Winner – Rude Comment Contest

Our esteemed judge (that boy I’m married to) selected Sharon’s entry as the winner of our rude comment contest. He felt like this woman went out of her way to be rude.

Here is Sharon’s entry:
I’m walking my well-behaved year-old love of my life, Murray. A woman
comes up to me and says,”That is the ugliest Dalmatian I’ve ever seen.” Well,
Murray is a Harlequin Great Dane, so the litmus test is a little odd.
But what if he had been a Dalmatian? I nearly punched her. So, Murray will receive the hot new food delivery toy — MIKE from Canine Genius.


Contest Deadline, Dec 12

Don’t forget that tomorrow (December 12, 2009) is the deadline entry for our latest contest from Champion of My Heart, which asks for tales of the “rudest things someone has said about your dog.” One winner’s dog will receive the BRAND NEW food delivery toy from the gals at Canine Genius. It’s called MIKE. Seriously, these things don’t hit store shelves until Dec 17. And, the winner can be one of the first to have one. Here’s a preview.

MIKE toys are designed to hook together with LEO toys (both from Canine Genius) to make even harder food puzzles.




Contest: Rudest Thing Someone Has Said About Your Dog

This early in the 2008 holiday season I’m already hearing astounding tales of rudeness toward dogs and their human companions. SO, let’s have a contest. Tell a true tale of the rudest thing someone has said or asked about your dog(s). Entry deadline = December 12, 2008. Below are two recent examples from friends (names and identifying characteristics excluded to shield the guilty from vigilantes).

Hello … let me insult you
Guest arrives at holiday gathering and is greeted by the host’s dog, who approaches politely and sits. This dog, by all accounts, is sweet and well-mannered. Another guest says, “Oh, So-and-So is afraid of dogs.” Before the dog can be retrieved, the guest replies, dripping with disdain and still standing barely inside the door, “I’m not afraid of dogs. I just don’t LIKE them.”

(Hint: They feed this dog twice a day all year long. You? Well, you show up for a meal a couple times a year. Do that math.)

Now that I’m here … the dogs must go
Family member moves to town and asks, “So … when do you plan to get rid of the dogs?”

(Gee, gotta go with the dogs on this one. They were here first and spend 24/7 with their family.)

Here is an example from my own life:

When our late Dalmatian (Penelope Grace) developed lameness around age 6, we did a bunch of x-rays to help figure out if it was a back issue, a hip issue, or a knee issue. A specialist at Colorado State University made the diagnosis — a knee injury needing surgery. No problemo … right? Well, my mom asked me, “Are you going to put her down?”

The funny part is that my mom has had many, many knee surgeries herself, including total knee replacement on both sides. So, I couldn’t help myself and replied, “You needed knee surgery, and we didn’t put you down.”

Entry Guidelines

  • Submit only one entry per person as a comment to this post
  • Keep entry to 100 words or less
  • Use your real email address when the comment form asks for it (so that I can contact the winner)

As always, the winner will be selected at the sole discretion of my darling husband who knows none of you and has no stake in the outcome. Then, I’ll purchase and ship, either a prize to the winner or the winner’s dog.

(And, yes … I’m fully aware that rudeness goes both ways, but this is a dog blog, so we’re focusing one direction. Deal with it.)