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Category Archives for Dog Product Review

Undercoat Rake from Enrych Pet Products: Dog Product Review

We’ve always had easy-to-groom dogs with short or smooth coats that don’t shed at ridiculous levels. Technically, Clover and Tori both have rough coats. It wasn’t until Tori joined us in September 2015, however, that I felt like the dog hair on our tile floors got out of control because in many ways Clover boasts a light rough coat. My usual grooming / de-shedding routine didn’t seem to be cutting it anymore. Even though I didn’t think I really needed to go to a dog grooming tool called an undercoat rake (since the puppy-girls are fluffy but not insanely so), I took a chance on trying out a modern-day undercoat rake for dogs from Enrych Pet Products — a company that’s based here in Colorado. Don’t miss our results. Continue reading

Tales of Canine Tummy Troubles and New Veterinary Diet from Purina #sponsored

The dogs in my life have always been PIGS. Serious P-I-G pigs. It’s helpful because if they won’t eat, then you KNOW something is wrong. Really wrong. Enter our new canine heroine, Clover Lee Hawn, who for about a month now has NOT been eating well. It’s STRESSING me out. So, when our friends and sponsors at Purina asked me to write about the new “natural” version of their veterinary diets for pets with tummy upset, I agreed. More about Clover’s tummy, two cool infographics, and a Q&A with Purina’s veterinary diet experts … just ahead.

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A New Option for Dog Memorial Necklaces

Cruising the local farmer’s market a few Saturdays ago, I stumbled upon a booth selling Origami Owl custom jewelry. Among other things, they sell see-through lockets and a variety of doo-dads / charms to go inside. I think it’s a perfect option for memorializing our canine soul mates, and I wish I’d known about it right after Lilly died in December 2013.

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Hoo-rag Bandana Product Review – Uses for Dogs

Hoo-rag (“the better bandana”) is essentially a tube of stretchy fabric that can be used a bunch of different ways. (Think Survivor buff.) At Chez Champion of My Heart, we’ve decided it’s a perfect way to protect Lilly’s shaved tummy. Because of her ongoing immune-suppression, Lilly neither sheds nor grows hair, so her post-ultrasound tummy is going to be bare for a long, long time.

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Dog Product Review: Music to Comfort Your Elderly Canine

Lilly sleeps a bit better these days — often only waking us 1-2 times a night. Tom took over most night duty because there are fewer stumbles down the hall to help Lilly and because he is MUCH better at going back to sleep than I am. I lie awake and worry … a lot. There are several reasons things might have improved overnight, including the addition of the latest CD from our friends at Through a Dog’s Ear called Music to Comfort Your Elderly Canine.

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Canine Chemo Dry Mouth

While we use cytarabine — a chemo drug with good anti-inflammatory properties for our needs — at lower doses than would be required for cancer treatment, Lilly still suffers from canine chemo dry mouth after her injections every 3 weeks. Her nose is also CRAZY dry (more from the steroids than the chemo), but not nearly as bad as in February, when she developed massive nosebleeds. Here is a recap of our solutions.

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Incontinent Dogs – Diaper Options

Living with incontinent dogs is NOT easy. I find myself surprised how frustrating, time-consuming, and icky having a totally incontinent dog (for months on end, with no resolution in sight) can be. I wish I could only focus on Lilly’s strength and recovery, but I cannot. Here is a recap of the diaper options we’ve tried, including links to specific products.

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