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July 29, 2014

Cruising the local farmer’s market a few Saturdays ago, I stumbled upon a booth selling Origami Owl custom jewelry. Among other things, they sell see-through lockets and a variety of doo-dads / charms to go inside. I think it’s a perfect option for memorializing our canine soul mates, and I wish I’d known about it right after Lilly died in December 2013.

Origami Owl living lockets graphic

I like that you have so many options for:

  • Locket size
  • Chain length (even bracelets)
  • Charms (little things that go inside the locket)
  • Colors and styles
  • Plates and tags
  • Other dangles

I also like that you can add or change what’s inside the locket any time. Origami Owl talks about each locket telling YOUR story. And, as your story changes, you can change your locket.

You could even buy the locket without any charms and place your own photos or small items inside. Depending upon the size of your dog’s ID tag, it might fit inside the largest size locket, for example.

The gals at the farmer’s market told us that younger people wear just the military dog style pendants alone. They feature words like:

  • Forever
  • Inspire
  • Blessed
  • Miracle
  • Warrior
  • Fearless
  • Grace

Pretty neat. Don’t you think?


This is NOT a sponsored post. No one from the company asked me to write this. I don’t know anyone at the company (other than the nice ladies at the farmer’s market). I don’t sell this jewelry. I just thought it was a neat idea, and I wish I’d known this was an option when I was looking.

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  1. I think this is a fantastic idea; whether dog or cat. it is such an uplifting and inspiring idea. I am sorry to hear of your loss of lILLY in December 2013. My prayers and blessing I send to you.

  2. I have seen these necklaces but the thought of creating one for a dog memorial never crossed my mind! In addition to actually wearing one (or instead of it) I would be into making a larger one and stringing it up in an office, in the window or anywhere I want to see it. Lovely idea, Rox.

  3. I have a locket like this I bought in Fl. They sold tiny little charms to go in it and then we added some sand from the beach. I really like it. It’s a great idea for something like this too though.

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