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All Posts by Roxanne Hawn

Dogs That Bite Other Dogs

Just days after the first anniversary of the dog attack, I'm furious to report yet another situation last weekend with 4 dogs running wild in our community and behaving aggressively through the fence toward my 3 dogs who where playing in the backyard with me. They are new here. This is at least the third time they've been running loose recently. The situation included 4 German Shepherds, 3 adults, 1 adolescent/puppy.

So, I'm extra interested in this new study about dogs that bite other dogs. It looked at demographic details of the dogs that bite other dogs, the nature of those bites, and the impact of those bites (such as needing veterinary care). The study did not look into motivations or triggers. As Stanley Coren wrote in his recap of the study, "In other words, attempting to answer the questions who, what, and where, but not why." 

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Conditional Approval of Drug for Pancreatitis in Dogs

Breaking News !! Just in time for the 2022 holiday season, when dogs often accidentally get into rich foods and trigger an acute pancreatitis attack, the FDA gave conditional approval to Panoquell-CA1 for 1 year, with the option for 4 additional annual renewals. The drug meant for injection during hospitalization for cases of pancreatitis in dogs has been approved in Japan since 2018. It's made by Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha Ltd. Below, you'll find some FAQs about this new medication and canine pancreatitis in general. 

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Champion of My Heart Store Now Open

Barely in time for the holiday season, our Champion of My Heart store is now open. Suffice it to say the process turned into WAY more work than I ever imagined. It felt like this ... you too can launch an online store in just 1, 873,345 easy steps. I still need to do some things like personalizing all the notifications shoppers receive and other behind-the-scenes stuff that shouldn't affect your shopping experience, but it's up and running. Please let me know if you find any glitches. Here's a recap of what's in the new Champion of My Heart store, featuring 15 designs and more than 140 products (if you count all the clothes color options).

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Dog Attack Restitution

Another chapter in the long, painful, lonely, and frustrating story of being attacked from behind by 2 aggressive dogs without warning comes to a close with the payment of dog attack restitution received this week. The attack happened nearly 1 year ago, the day before Thanksgiving 2021. That makes Thanksgiving 2022 the anniversary. Essentially, the holiday feels ruined. And, yet, the check arrived more than 6 months after it was ordered. The restitution process is convoluted and lengthy, with it not becoming official until like late July and then having a 91 day waiting / comment period  (as if the month's prior didn't count) and then a letter going out demanding payment. Here's how all that feels today.

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Adverse Vaccine Reactions in Dogs Quiz

For those new to Champion of My Heart's award-winning dog and veterinary content, let's recap that we gained some notoriety when Lilly, our original canine heroine, died from an adverse vaccine reaction to a routine rabies booster shot. That whole saga in painful detail here. Following that devastating experience, I pay particular attention to what shows up in the veterinary profession world about adverse vaccine reactions in dogs and cats. I recently found an online quiz about adverse vaccine reactions for veterinarians and staffers to take. Unfortunately, you need a login to see the whole thing. It's free to get a login. I have had one to this professional site for years, so I tried to take the quiz. I only got 2 of 9 answers right. The quiz includes some adverse vaccine reactions in dogs and cats I'd never even heard of. Sharing, as a friend says, for the good of the order. Let's learn a little something together. 

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Rest in Peace, Foster Puppy Dream

Devastated to report the unexpected / sudden death of our most recent foster puppy Dream. Feel like I jinxed things by writing about our preparations for her arrival in real time and by writing about that anesthesia-related deaths study. Her heart stopped during emergency surgery September 27. It appears that whatever caused her broken leg also caused an internal injury that went undetected until her chest and lungs began filling with fluid. She only lived with us for 19 days, but we love her like our very own. The pain of the loss is as bad (or maybe even a little worse due to the shock) as losing our Lilly in 2013. A few of my fav pix and a short tribute video at the bottom of the page. 

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Dog Anesthesia Risks of Death

Researchers looked at more than 157,000 cases of dogs needing a general anesthesia / sedation events between 2010 and 2013 and reported on the dog anesthesia risks of death. The published study includes insights into relative risks based on age, health status, type of procedure (including spay/neuter), and even length of dogs' noses. It's meant to be reassuring, but even an experienced Dog Mom like me learned a few things. Don't miss the context and caution about possible overestimation of risk at the bottom of the page. 

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Foster Puppy Set Up

With another foster puppy arrival imminent, I decided to document the foster puppy set up I use to prepare the house. I figured since I needed to do all the work, then I might as well explain my process. Photos and text ahead, if you want to speed read. Otherwise, scroll all the way down to see a video that shows how I keep foster puppies safe inside and outside the house, including where they sleep and potty and hangout, etc.  

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