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Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce Stress Buster

I originally found this homemade hot fudge sauce recipe from a quick online search, but it wasn’t turning out quite right. I asked for help inside a great Facebook Group led by a friend, colleague, and mentor called Fearless Fresh Kitchen Ninjas. Thanks to their fast and expert input, I fixed my errors and updated the recipe so that it’s nearly flawless. For better or worse, it has become my go-to comfort food (atop quality vanilla ice cream) for several months now. I have the extra pounds to show for it, so be careful. But, if you are stressed or worried and in need of gooey homemade hot fudge sauce, get ready to dazzle yourself. It’s that good. (And easy to make … step-by-step pix just ahead).

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Cookbook Review: The Parchment Paper Cookbook

File this under Entirely Off Topic, Foodie Tangent Edition. Congratulations to my friend and colleague Brette Sember on the publication of The Parchment Paper Cookbook. It features 180 fast, healthy recipes perfect for busy moms, solo or duo cooks, people with small kitchens, new cooks, or anyone who hates to do dishes — no pots or pans required. Seriously. [We have a copy to give away.]

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DIY – Doggy Snack Mix

Being such purveyors of praise around here, we go through a LOT of dog treats … very few of which are store bought. I came up with this particular “snack mix” when I needed something to put in food delivery toys that was low-cal. Clearly, the Cheerios work better for that than the Rice Chex, but this mixture has more of a party-planning, holiday flavor. Plus, it does NOT take long to make … so if you are short on time and have dog friends who need a little gift … it’s perfect.

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