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Dog Product Review: Pet Dreams Memory Foam Dog Bed

The girls of Champion of My Heart have been testing out a memory foam dog bed from Pet Dreams in recent weeks. Here are some pictures and our thoughts.

We selected a LARGE size of the memory foam dog bed from Pet Dreams. I think it’s a bit small  … even for a dog Lilly’s size (about 35 pounds).

best dog blog, champion of my heart, memory foam bed from pet dreams

This is what the memory foam dog bed from Pet Dreams looks like without the cover. It has 3 compartments of shredded memory foam material.














best dog blog, champion of my heart, memory foam bed from pet dreams

Here it is with the cover on. (Because of Lilly's recent illness and incontinence, we wrapped the bed in a trash bag before placing the cover.)














best dog blog, champion of my heart, memory foam bed from pet dreams

For additional protection, I bought a cheap beach towel to put on top. Here Lilly snoozes under my desk on the memory foam bed. She seems to like it. (Photo taken about a week before Lilly was hospitalized.)















Since Lilly’s massive adverse rabies vaccine reaction relapse in August, the bed has gotten a workout … as her incontinence issues have worsened. Because I don’t think the plush memory foam dog bed cover can stand up to daily washing, I’ve taken it off.

For now, the bed is still wrapped in a trash bag, then I put a disposable pee pad on top, with a towel over that.

Lilly doesn’t mind the noise from the trash bag too much, but her weakness and balance issues often make her flip and/or fall off the back of the bed onto the floor. Perhaps a bolster-style one would work better in our current situation.

Often, to combat this problem, I’ll roll another towel into a bolster that I place behind Lilly.


FTC Disclosure

Eric Bogard from Pet Dreams sent me the memory foam dog bed for free (value ~ $80) to review. Otherwise, we were not compensated for this review.


Roxanne Hawn

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Peter - September 12, 2012

Hoping Lilly bounces back, I agree she is in good hands

Matthew - September 11, 2012

So sorry for Lilly’s condition, nice to see she is in caring hands. Something a simple as making a animal comfortable goes a long way. Hopes for a speedy recovery Lilly.

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