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Dog Product Review: Sweet Little Butterpup from Lincoln Bark

Lincoln Bark began when a pup named Sophie developed Addison’s Disease. Her family needed healthy snacks to increase her food intake in hopes of boosting her energy. That’s how special puppy treats they call Sweet Little Butterpup were born. Katie @ Lincoln Bark sent us a few free samples to try.

best dog blog, champion of my heart, sweet little butterpup from lincoln bark samples

Lincoln Bark sent us several flavors to try. The Sweet Little Butterpup treats come in 8-ounce containers and retail for $9.99 USD.

I can always tell overall dog treat quality by how much Lilly and Ginko sniff the packages when they arrive in the mail. These got a lot of attention, and the dogs happily snarfed them up.

best dog blog, champion of my heart, sweet little butterpup from lincoln barkThe ingredient list is short (in a good way):

  • Rice flour
  • Rolled oats
  • Potato flour
  • Pumpkin / Salmon / Liver (depending upon flavor)
  • Peanut butter
  • Honey
  • Chia seeds (considered by many to be a superfood)
  • Canola oil

These treats are MADE IN THE USA (in Chicago) and carry a 100% money-back guarantee. Lincoln Bark uses no wheat, corn, artificial preservatives, additives, or colors.

Lincoln Bark online store

Lincoln Bark on Facebook


Locally, we pay $5 for a 1/3-pound bag of our fav artisan dog treats, so nearly $10 for 1/2 pound of treats seems a little pricey to me. Remember, however, that 9 months and about $16,000 into Lilly’s medical crisis, I’m hypersensitive to my budget.


FTC Disclosure

Katie @ Lincoln Bark did send us these samples (about 10 treats) for free, but we were not paid for this review.



Roxanne Hawn

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Susan T - October 2, 2012

These look like a nice option for people who don’t have time to make their own treats. They are pricey, but high-quality ingredients can be expensive.

Sam - October 2, 2012

We haven’t heard of them – we will have to see if we can find them locally.


Sue at Talking Dogs - October 2, 2012

Jeffie and Rudy love Sweet Little Butterpups treats. We like the Chia seeds addition. We mostly make our own homemade “regular” dog treats, so these are just that: treats!

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