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Category Archives for book review

Tips for Living in a Tiny House With Dogs

Today is publication day for a book called Living Large in Our Little House: Thriving in 480-Square Feet With Six Dogs, a Husband and One Remote — Plus More Stories of How You Can Too (Reader’s Digest Books). It’s written by my dear friend and colleague Kerri Fivecoat Campbell. She really does live in a TINY house in the mountains of Arkansas with several dogs. Because I’m sure you’re as curious as I am about how exactly that works, I asked Kerri for some tips on living in a tiny house with dogs.

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Dogs Living With Narcissists

The older I get, the more I realize how many people I know who have a parent who is a narcissist. All of them are still suffering because of it. I don’t just mean selfish. I mean card-carrying narcissists. Manipulative, dramatic, and (in my opinion) horrible. My friend and colleague Meredith Resnick recently published her third book for people recovering from having a narcissist in their lives. It’s called When Your Parent Is a Narcissist: Uncovering origins, patterns, and unconscious dynamics — to help you grow and let go. It got me thinking that if a narcissist does damage while raising children, then I wonder about dogs living with narcissists fair.

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Book Review: The Changing Season by Steven Manchester

It’s funny how books sometimes end up being a convergence of different worlds and unexpected timing. The Changing Season by Steven Manchester is a novel about the summer between high school and college for one young man (Billy) and his long-faithful dog (Jimmy). That’s particularly interesting to me since writing about dogs and writing about higher-education (in particular, writing to help high school students pick a college or university) are two of my niches. In fact, I read The Changing Season while flying to / from higher-ed consulting project, where I spent a day and a half doing focus groups with students about what they looked for before picking a school. Crazy, right?

Other than one dog-related gaffe, The Changing Season is a nice story about the transition into adulthood and the role childhood pets play at that juncture. The OLD dog in the book DOES NOT die … so it’s safe to read.

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Book Review: Faithfully Yours by Peggy Frezon

Author Peggy Frezon serves as master curator of laugh-worthy, awww-worthy, and cry-worthy animal stories in her latest book Faithfully Yours: The Amazing Bond Between Us and the Animals We Love. Whether it’s a tale you may have heard on the news, a viral video of unlikely animal friendships or everyday stories from people you may know in the online animal community, you’ll find something to love, something to smile about … and yes, a few things that will bring tears to your eyes. In other words, get ready to cry happy tears.

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Book Review: All Dogs Go to Kevin by Veterinarian Jessica Vogelsang

ALL DOGS GO TO KEVIN – Everything Three Dogs Taught Me (That I Didn’t Learn in Veterinary School) is the debut memoir by veterinarian Dr. Jessica Vogelsang of veterinary blog fame — Pawcurious. The biggest compliment I can give the book is this … it’s so funny that I read parts of the book aloud to my husband. We’d both giggle and gasp, then I’d keep reading to myself.

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Dog Book Review: Bark and Lunge by Kari Neumeyer

Bark and Lunge: Saving My Dog from Training Mistakes is a memoir by Kari Neumeyer, who is a fellow freelance / independent writer. It tells the story of a German Shepherd Dog named Isis (bought from a breeder on impulse). Let me just say that the breeder specializes in police and military working dogs. With just that bit of information and the book’s title, you can probably guess where the story goes from there.

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Dog Book Review: Dog Gone, Back Soon

Through a site called NetGalley, I downloaded a FREE review copy Dog Gone, Back Soon by veterinarian / author Nick Trout. It’s a clever tale involving fierce competition between veterinary practices (one family owned, one corporate owned) and several veterinary medical mysteries with the animals and people in a small Vermont town. Trout has written 5 books so far. This is the first one I’ve read because it sounded interesting when it came up on my NetGalley book review list.

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Dog Book Review: Rescue Me, Maybe

Rescue Me, Maybe, the latest novel from author Jackie Bouchard, is a story about finding a new path when what had been your real life up and dies on you — literally. Considering all the illness / death / destruction in my life these last 5 years, I held my breath when I realized that the book opens at a FUNERAL. I admit it … I did email Bouchard at one point to ask if it was safe for a girl like me, who is deeply steeped in grief, to keep reading. She replied (in part) …

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