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Category Archives for book review

Book Review: The Business of Baby


Why is a Dog Mom like me reviewing a book about pregnancy and babies? Well, The Business of Baby: What Doctors Don’t Tell You, What Corporations Try to Sell You, and How to Put Your Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Before Their Bottom Line by Jennifer Margulis is more relevant to the health decisions we make for our dogs than you might think. It’s critical reading for anyone planning to have children (or anyone who loves someone who will). And, yes, it’s written by one of my brilliant friends. I offered to help spread the word as a favor. Continue reading

Dog Book Review: Pukka’s Promise


By now, you’ve likely read several book reviews of Pukka’s Promise: The Quest for Longer-Lived Dogs by Ted Kerasote. I’m a little late to the party. It took me a while to read the book (a) because it’s long and (b) because I’ve been busy taking care of Lilly, after her latest setback (antibiotic-resistant infection and sudden inability to walk / stand). Below, I hope you’ll find a uniquely Champion of My Heart look at Pukka’s Promise.

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Book Review: Jimmy Mender and His Miracle Dog

Jimmy Mender and His Miracle Dog by Angelo Dirks and Leland Dirks is the latest novel from the duo who happen also to live here in Colorado. Full disclosure, we’ve become friends since Lilly and I reviewed their first book: Angelo’s Journey, which tells the fantastical backstory of a time when Angelo (a border collie) went missing. I loved that novella, and I adore this new book as well.

Jimmy Mender and His Miracle Dog opens with a tale of instant chemistry and unexpected love. Then, it becomes a heartfelt and surprisingly suspenseful mystery.

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Book Review: Following Atticus

On the surface, Following Atticus by Tom Ryan is the story of an overweight, independent, muckraking newspaper guy hiking a bunch of mountains in all seasons with his small schauzer — first just to do it, then the raise money for charity. Ultimately, however, it’s also the tale of seeking the kind of love, peace, and spiritual boost perhaps we didn’t find in childhood or elsewhere in life. I won’t mince words: Following Atticus is as close to perfect as a memoir (including a dog or not) gets.

Truly. Kudos to Tom Ryan … and Atticus

I loved Following Atticus not only for the man + dog relationship and the mountain adventures but also for the hilarious insights into small town politics from his newspaper days.

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Dog Book Review: Dog Trots Globe – To Paris and Provence

I’d call Dog Trots Globe – To Paris & Provence  by Chula Wula D’Augue (a sheltie) as barked to Sheron Long  a “coffee table book,” except it’s too tiny for that. A diminutive travelogue with darling illustrations and lovely photography, Dog Trots Globe is a perky, quick read.

Not kidding. I read the entire book (160 pages) in about 20 minutes, including going online to watch a video extra, showing  thousands of sheep and goats bustling down the streets of Saint-Remy.  Continue reading

Book Review: A Violet Season

Summer reading recommendation! A Violet Season by Kathy Leonard Czepiel is a fantastic read. Set in the Hudson River Valley in upstate New York in the late 1800s, A Violet Season chronicles one growing season on a family-owned violet farm. Brothers embroiled in a long-standing feud change the course of (at least) one woman’s life forever.

A story of mothers and daughters, husbands and sons, A Violet Season delivers the perfect mix of historical detail, carefully crafted characters, and rich narrative. Heart-pounding at times, heartbreaking at others, A Violet Season’s imagery and undercurrent of societal unrest does justice to an earlier time and sheds light on the challenges we face today.

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