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Category Archives for Puppy Pix

Border Collie-Mix Puppy Needs Home

My friend and pro writing colleague Allie Johnson, who is a world-class dog foster mom and animal welfare advocate not to mention the author of the awesome Pet Tips and Tails blog, asked me to help find this dog-friendly, kid-friendly border collie mix puppy a home.

Help us won’t you … by emailing your friends, using social media to spread the word?

Everything I know about her is below. Because Allie and her friend (whose granddad found the sweetie pup) are both resourceful dog rescuers … transportation to just about any U.S. location is probably possible, so don’t let her current location deter you.

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Thanks to Facebook, I’ve become friends with the Aunt of Lilly’s (former) best, best friend (Katie, the borzoi). It seems love of the “Bozos,” as they are affectionately called, runs in the family. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, Dana and her crew are headed to Colorado. We’re having dinner at Katie’s old house next Monday.

I cannot promise off-leash play dates with a whole house full of borzoi. I cannot even promise group walks, if the weather allows. BUT, I will try to get photos of ME sitting in a whole pile of dogs with pointy, pointy noses.

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Everyone Has a Puppy, But Me

Oh, boy, do I have some puppy craving going on? Other girls might have biological clocks that tick for human babies, but my heart yearns for puppies. Not so much because I actually want a puppy right now. It’s more about the distraction and sense of possibility that they bring. Here are just a few new stinkers who have joined the families of friends.

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