Thanks to Facebook, I’ve become friends with the Aunt of Lilly’s (former) best, best friend (Katie, the borzoi). It seems love of the “Bozos,” as they are affectionately called, runs in the family. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, Dana and her crew are headed to Colorado. We’re having dinner at Katie’s old house next Monday.

I cannot promise off-leash play dates with a whole house full of borzoi. I cannot even promise group walks, if the weather allows. BUT, I will try to get photos of ME sitting in a whole pile of dogs with pointy, pointy noses.

I laughed when Dana warned me not to wear nice clothes to dinner, like a girl like me cares one iota about picking up a little dog hair (or dirt).

Despite my begging (and I mean ba-egging), the family will pick up their newest addition … a puppy named Rory … on their way HOME, not on their way here.

I know. I know. It is completely NOT FAIR to take a young pup on a road trip to somewhere else for a week before he really gets to go home, but how fun would it have been for Lilly to meet a VERY young borzoi? … even though he is now likely bigger than Lilly is.

We know she has a thing for sight hounds.

Rory, as a tiny boy

Rory, as a tiny boy

Rory, on the run

Rory, getting big!

Rory has already met his new family, including these two smiling beasties.

Shayna and Strider, going to meet Rory for the first time in October

So, I’ll get to have a little pre-Thanksgiving social thing with Shayna and Strider … and of course, Thunder (who lives at Katie’s old house).

Thunder, our local Bozo connection

And, just because I found it on Dana’s Facebook photo album, here is a doggone funny photo of Kaya, Rory’s mom. (Look closely, she is grinning.)


Roxanne Hawn

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Dana Pierson - November 17, 2010

Oh, please! I KNEW that you would KNOW all about the special gift of borzoi hair souvenirs! ROFL! For maximum effect, might I suggest black velvet or perhaps a nice open weave sweater? Both will display your new collection splendidly.

And I LOVE that photo of Kaya on her couch too. She is SUCH a sweet girl – and a GREAT mom. She GRINS. It’s hilarious.

See you soon!

Penny Ronning - November 17, 2010

Roxanne, I just saw your post on FB. I hope the problems get worked out because I enjoy your posts and you so very much. I’ve been wanting to send you a private message but have had only bits and pieces of time to do any type of correspondence lately. So, this morning when I had the time to do so I was so surprised that I could not get to your page. If you will, please send me your email address so that I can write you. I think you should have mine through this site. Thank you!

Amy Palmer - November 17, 2010

BORZOI!!! My borzoi, Oscar, has been gone for 3 years now. I can’t wait until I have a house with a yard so I can get another! Enjoy your borzoi time!

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