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Herding Instinct Test

Over the holiday weekend, I drove Clover¬†195 miles round-trip to do another herding instinct test. We tested her the first time in June 2015, just after she turned 1.¬†This time — maybe thanks to more maturity — it went quite a bit better in several ways. The raw video file added up to 1.5 GB. Yikes! So, I edited it down to a few highlights. Continue reading

Squee Alert – Video – Border Collie Puppies

These tri-color, smooth coat border collie puppies were born at Valdemar Farm in Fort Lupton, Colorado (where we take herding lessons). The litter is jokingly known as “Big Head Todd and the Monsters.”

This is Big Head Todd. His head really isn’t *that* big. It just looks bigger because it’s all white.

best dog blog, champion of my heart, borrder collie puppy with white head

We made a little puppy tribute video to all the “monsters” (5 boys, 1 girl). I should have been more methodical in my picture-taking. I’m not sure I show each puppy individually, and I’m pretty sure I show some more than once in the video. BUT, I just picked the pictures I liked best.

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Dog Training Update: Herding Challenges

Despite having ZERO time to read for pleasure lately, I’m making my way through a sheepdog book that our herding trainer recommended. It’s called Talking Sheepdogs: Training Your Working Border Collie (by Derek Scrimgeour).

While the book primarily deals with training a working / herding dog from puppyhood, I figure its good to know things from the ground up.

I still have a lot more reading to do (even though it’s a short book, just 128 pages, with lots of illustrations and diagrams), but here are two things I wanted to share.

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Lilly Herding Lesson #2, What Went Well

Last Thursday, Lilly and I hauled ourselves out to Valdemar Farm for our second official herding lesson. This I know … I’m probably the worst goatherd on the planet. Lilly loves bossing goats around.

Because no one could come with us and because we don’t (yet) have a TV crew following us around (ha!), I have ZERO video to show you. I did take a couple pictures, and I’ll again to my best to convey the outcome.

Today, I’ll explain what went well. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you what didn’t go so well.

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