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Category Archives for Brag for a Friend

Does Your Dog Love Dog Training This Much?

Taking a week “off” is relative, of course, meaning mostly not owing drafts to clients. Other demands of life continue. HOWEVER, Lilly and I ventured to Boulder for dog training class with our dog trainer Gigi Moss … for the first time this year. I’ll tell you how it went tomorrow. Today? A video showing just how much Lilly loves her dog trainer.

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Sh*t Happens – Agility Videos of MACH5 Chaos – Take 1 and Take 2

As promised, some agility humor for our dog training friends who already have earned or aspire to earn a Master Agility Champion title (MACH) with their dogs. Meet Chaos, a nationally ranked Labrador Retriever who TWICE had to earn her 20th and final double-Q to get her MACH #5. All this … at the age of 10.

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Blog Book Tour: Dieting With My Dog Q&A

Fellow dog writer and dog blogger Peggy Frezon from Peggy’s Pet Place asked us to take part in blog book tour to promote her new book Dieting With My Dog: One Busy Life; Two Full Figures and Unconditional Love. I’m VERY good at keeping Lilly’s weight perfect, and I mean perfect. Even our veterinary nutritionist friend said Lilly had a perfect body condition. Me? As I mentioned last week, not so much. So, I asked Peggy a few questions about her weight-loss journey.

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Newsworthy! Ecco D’Oro, Canine Philanthropist and Crusader

The girls of Champion of My Heart first “met” Ecco D’Oro, a passionate Spinone Italiano (Italian pointer) with a penchant for stealing underwear and snorkeling in the koi pond, when we reviewed Ecco’s human grandma’s book about a Native American artist named Quincy Tahoma.

best dog blog, 2010, champion of my heart, ecco d'oro photo

"It's exhausting being this handsome."

The truth? We were a little sad that we were not the first dog-based book reviewers on the scene.

Since then, however, we’ve made friends via the blog, via email, and on Facebook with Ecco and his many, many dog friends … who collectively put the “Power of the Paw” into action every day through both virtual and real community efforts.

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“Dear Dog” Filmmaker Needs to Raise $3,000

Columbia University filmmaker Jed Cowley needs to raise $3,000 by September 6,  for post-production costs on his romantic comedy short film “Dear Dog, I Love You.” The movie features canine actor Paul Newman, a white basset hound rescued by Suzanne Fitch with Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue. He had been tied up in an abandoned garage.

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