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In the News: Never Shock a Puppy

Thanks to Kim Sporrer, media maven at Humane Society of Boulder Valley, a few newspapers have mentioned Never Shock a Puppy in articles about the humane society’s No-Choke Challenge. The most recent of which featured a mondo picture of me and Lilly. OMG.

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Lilly’s Community Engagement Award

Despite concerns it might be too much for her, we took Lilly with us to the awards event at Humane Society of Boulder Valley Thursday night. At times, she threw oh-hell-no looks me. Other times, she smiled and even wagged. A few strategies helped Lilly cope in the crowd.

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Boulder Humane’s No-Choke Challenge

Thanks again to all of you who contributed money during our Never Shock a Puppy campaign last fall. The funds raised by the entire coalition actively supports the Humane Society of Boulder Valley‘s No-Choke Challenge, which launched January 15, 2011.

Because that’s where we adopted Lilly in October 2004 and because Boulder Humane is truly one of the most progressive animal welfare spots in the country, we could not be MORE thrilled to support their efforts … first by raising money through our Be the Change campaign and now by spreading the word about the No-Choke Challenge.

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Taking the No Shock Collar Fight to Store Aisles

A while back, Stephanie Feldstein, the animals editor for, contacted me about our Never Shock a Puppy efforts. She asked a bunch of questions via email. I answered, and the result is this blog post. Many thanks to her for the interest and enthusiasm.

No Choke Challenge Ad[Speaking of news … Humane Society of Boulder Valley is launching its No-Choke Challenge today. The graphics are to die for. I promise we’ll write more about it in the coming days. Stay tuned!]

Now, Back to Our Scheduled Topic!

Lilly and I are so pleased that we can return the favor to Stephanie by asking those of you who agree with our very public stance against shock collars to sign this petition, asking Petsmart to stop selling shock collars. Please.

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Dog Blog Award $500 Donation

The $500 donation is one of the biggest reasons I hoped to win the DogTime Media Best Dog Blog Award. It took some doing to work out the details, but I had the chance to celebrate the donation that YOU made possible last Friday. Thanks, again, for your votes!!

This bonus $500 helped the Never Shock a Puppy coalition reach its goal of raising more than $2,500 for the Humane Society of Boulder Valley.

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Question: Never Shock a Puppy

We’re still in the process of sorting through the results of the Never Shock A Puppy campaign. The biggest news is that we indeed surpassed our goal of raising $2,500 for the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. As we process other campaign data about site/blog traffic and outside participation, we’d appreciate if you could answer this question, if it applies to you:

The poll will be open for a week or so. Thanks for your input.

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