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Category Archives for Dog Adoption Fantasy

Dog Adoption Fantasy – What it Really Meant

A few weeks ago, a 3-month-old puppy appeared in my Facebook newsfeed. Cue instant yearning — even though I’m nowhere near ready and she was about 900 miles away. I squealed. I shared her pix. My friends encouraged me. Adopt. Adopt. ADOPT, they told me. Something about her face called to me. Something in her eyes beckoned. I convinced myself it meant something.

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Fantasy Dog Adoption: Bazi

I fell in love with Bazi’s face, long before I knew he had some fear issues. Intel from a friend who has read his adoption file and from reading between the lines of his promo paragraph, it seems sweet Bazi has some separation anxiety issues. That means he would do best in a home with other dogs — ideally several of them. Dogs with this particular fear do MUCH better in a group so that they feel less alone. So, if you know anyone with a big group of dogs at home (hint … to some canyon friends … you know who you are), please tell them about this great dog.


Siberian Husky + Shepherd Mix

** Really good with all dogs he has met **

They say he is a mild-mannered, gentleman.



Fantasy Dog Adoption: Callie or Al Dente

This weekend’s Fantasy Dog Adoption picks got my attention based on both breed-mixes and the looks on their faces. Plus, I cannot help but read into the likely story behind their arrival at the shelter. Meet Callie a young lab mix and Al Dente, a border collie mix.

2 months old
Lab mix

This is either a kind of tired or a little worried girl. I’m sure the brown above her eyes makes it seem more pronounced. She reminds me of a former dog training classmate, who was terrified of people. I used to hold treats low and behind my back for her. She eventually got brave enough to come get them. I tried really hard not to turn into her or to look at her … or even to talk to her since it took so much effort for her to even approach.


Al Dente
1 year old
border collie + cattledog mix

Personally, I would change this name pronto. Do you really want a dog with a name that means “to the tooth” or “to the bite”? I don’t. :o)

I am guessing that this sweetie is the mom to the litter of pups featured at the bottom of the main adoptable dog page. I suspect that her babies will get adopted before she does, which is super sad. She looks a little intense and worried here, with this ears tucked back, but I’m sure she has been through a lot … getting either lost or dumped for being pregnant … like that’s her fault.

The pups all have names for different kinds of pasta. For me, the look on Ravioli’s face is priceless.