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November 7, 2009

I’m starting a new feature on ye olde blog, I think. Blame it on nutty midlife thinking, but I’m realizing that I’ll likely get the chance to play Mom to only a handful of dogs (2-3) in the rest of my life. And, since browsing adoptable dogs has already become a little escapist thing I do when I feel stressed, I figure I might as well play fantasy dog adoption. I’ve never really understood fantasy football, but I’ll assume it’s kind of like that. So, if I was adopting a new dog this weekend, here are two girls I would strongly consider.

German Shepherd / Mix
AGE: 4 years 1 months
SEX: Female (Spayed)

The description labels her as a Go-Getter, which I’m guessing means she is an active dog. I’m also partial to her because she has been at the shelter since Oct 21, which is kind of a long time for a dog at Humane Society of Boulder Valley. They usually have a really good adoption rate and turnover.

Retriever, Labrador / Border Collie
0 years 2 months
Female (Spayed)

Well, you just have to look at the breed combo and THAT FACE to know why I would be loving on this baby girl TONIGHT … if I could.

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  1. Oh dear. I’d never thought of playing this game and now I’m hooked. I would definitely pick #2. The spotted legs are too cute. Plus, I just don’t feel comfortable with German shepherds (which is dog discrimination I know and I’m sorry).

  2. UPDATE (noonish on Sunday) — Looks like Little Miss Wendy got adopted already … as I knew she would.

    So jealous about the family who gets to smooch on her for life.

    Sadly, no changes on Poga’s status. It’s so hard for “older” dogs.

  3. They are both adorable! I can see why you’d take either or both. I love your new feature…I can fantasize about new adoptions all day!

  4. I do the same fantasy thing but I need for Java to be a better example before bringing another dog into my life. Well, I need a more settled life period.

  5. Ha, I thought I was the only one who did that! I sometimes browse local shelter’s sites or PetFinder. It’s hard looking at all those furry faces but I remind myself I have great dogs and no more in the near future.
    Super Cute.

  6. I must admit I partake in this game as well… no new dogs in my future for a few more years, but still, fun to think about.

    Poga and Wendy look like a lot of fun!

  7. Oh my goodness, you’re torturing us right along with you! I just might drive to Boulder and pick up Wendy *right now*!

    I don’t understand the fantasy sport thing either. But, I do know that I couldn’t do the fantasy adoption game without ending up with more than a dozen dogs!

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