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November 17, 2009

In the debut of our new Saturday blog series called Fantasy Dog Adoption, I highlighted Poga (a 4-year-old, female, German Shepherd mix) up for adoption at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, in Boulder, Colorado. With the help of our friend and shelter volunteer Hilary Lane (who was our adoption counselor with Lilly), the girls at Champion of My Heart can now offer even more details about Poga, including this video. Our goal is to get her adopted into a forever home before the holidays.

UPDATE, Friday, Nov 19 — Yesterday, Poga’s status was listed as “on hold,” then last night her photo was taken down from the humane society site. So, that means she was adopted. We are so happy. I haven’t heard anything, so I have no idea whether this social media blitz helped or not. BUT, since she sat around for many weeks with no action, I’m going to assume that our efforts helped. It is such a happy day, knowing she has a new family.

On the off chance those people ever read this, PLEASE let me know who you are and how Poga is doing. Everyone wants to know.

{I’m sorry. The photos got lost in a massive blog photo glitch.}

Poga first came to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley as a transfer from another shelter earlier this year. She was adopted and had a home for about four months, but she returned when her guardians/co-adopters moved into places that don’t allow dogs. It seems she may have gotten bounced around a bit from place to place before her return. So, she clearly needs a stable, forever home.

Poga is classified as a Go Getter (meaning she needs plenty of exercise). There are also notes about her being an “escape artist” after getting loose when she found a hole in the fence.

Personally, I’m not sure that qualifies as anything more than an adventure of opportunity.

Trust me, I’ve lived with real escape artists, including Lilly who learned as a youngster to get into the creek, hold her breath and swim under the fence to get out. And our late Cody, who got returned to the shelter several times for chronic fence jumping before we adopted him. Both times we solved the trouble and avoided a lifetime of worry and risk.

Poga’s notes also mention her being anxious/nervous when left alone — panting, whining. I’m not sure I’d call that true “separation anxiety,” but I would suggest that she needs a home where she can feel bonded and safe and have plenty of company. In other words, people who are gone all day at work or who travel a lot might not be the best match for her.

Much of this is covered in the video, but she is good with people — including kids — as well as with dogs and cats. I’m not sure how much you’ve looked around at adoptable dogs lately, but that’s a magic combination.

Hilary guesses that Poga weighs about 65 pounds, which at our house qualifies as not too big, not too small.

Please help us spread the word on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and whatever else you use to connect with dog-loving friends. We’ll be Tweeting from our accounts @roxannehawn and @champofmyheart. And Hilary will be doing her part from @hlane and @fangshuicanines.

Humane Society of Boulder Valley

Thanks to Hilary Lane of Fang Shui Canines for shooting the video, helping me figure out how to transfer the big video files, and for all she means in our lives … since she helped bring me and Lilly together.

Thanks to Kim Sporer, director of communications at the humane society, for giving us the green light to shoot this video and share this information.

Thanks to Martha Myers, a production specialist on staff at the humane society, for taking Poga outside where we could show her full beauty and for giving us an on-camera interview.

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  1. She is adorable. You can see how bad she wants to get out of there and explore the great big world. Too bad I’m so darn far and probably can’t be of much help.

    If I hear of anyone in your state looking for a dog in my internet travels, I’ll send them here.

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