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Tag Archives forGinko

Burdens Our Dogs Carry

One of our Twitter friends (@IntuitiveBridge) recently lost some followers for essentially saying that we shouldn’t make our dogs emotionally responsible for us. The backlash stemmed from this post about separation anxiety, where Bridget said …

“Okay, I bring this up because there are people in the world who treat their dogs like their soul mates, like their bestest friends, like the loves of their lives, like their therapists. There are dogs who can handle this and dogs who can’t. If your dog exhibits signs of separation anxiety, you need to lighten their emotional load. This does not mean putting on a fake happy face. Dogs are not stupid. This means getting the emotional help and connection somewhere away from your pet.”

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Ginko: The Dog Banana-holic

Upon our return Saturday from a day-trip into the mountains south and west of here, I discovered an amusing sight. It seems Ginko transferred his food-stealing habit from peaches to bananas. Based on the evidence found, including 2-3 leftover stems, we either interrupted his fruit feast. OR, he was saving the rest for later. What do you think?

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Dog Training Update: Ginko’s Wake-Up Whines

At first, we blamed Ginko’s early-morning wake-up calls on knee pain. Then, we had that whole excessive thirst and urination thing going on. Now, we’re not sure if he’s just hungry on the new turkey/sweet potato food or merely a pain in the neck. So, we’ve been experimenting with some things, and for now … it seems to be working.

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