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Tag Archives foradverse vaccine reaction

The State of My Heart

Thursday, December 17, 2015, marks two years since Lilly’s death. I remain devastated. It isn’t the all day, every day, kind of grief, but when it bubbles up, it feels just as fresh and raw and searing as ever. On this anniversary, I thought I would share some insights into what it’s really like to be this FAR into the grieving process. Don’t worry. Some of them are kind of funny. This post isn’t entirely sad. And, there are even photos of the puppies — Clover and Tori.

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Rant: 3 Reasons This Joke About Adverse Dog Vaccine Reactions Makes Me Livid

Imagine your Canine Soul Mate died from an adverse rabies vaccine reaction a bit more than 18 months ago. You fake it really, really well when you have to, but you’re still a grieving pile of goo on the inside. Now, imagine you’re scrolling through your social media newsfeed and come across a meme (photo with text overlay) that essentially makes fun of adverse dog vaccine reactions. It has been posted in a large community of veterinary emergency hospital professionals, and clearly, many of them find the joke hilarious. Stick with me, kids, I feel a rant coming on …

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1 Year Ago Today

Exactly one year ago today, we made the painful-but-necessary decision to let Lilly go after a 693-day fight for her life. Our grief is better and totally NOT at the same time. Adding a puppy to our family didn’t magically make the grief disappear, but the other night, I realized how much more desperate I would feel without a new little canine friend at my side.  Continue reading

Veterinary Cost Case Study – How I Afforded Staggering Bills for 23 Months

Once I got over the medical, emotional, and financial shock of Lilly’s vaccine-induced meningoencephalomyelitis, I created a spreadsheet to track every doggone dollar spent in the fight for Lilly’s life — from the day she received the vaccine until the day she died. I am curious if the actual number is higher or lower than you thought.

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