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October 24, 2012

I learned an important lesson last Friday. Hiking with a cat is quite a bit different from hiking with a dog. It’s a lot slower process, and it shocks the heck out of people you encounter on the trails. Meet our friend BUG … the adventurous kitty from Wisconsin.

Bug has now hiked in 5 different states. She is a super social, unflappable kitty. At about 18 months old, she weighs just 6 pounds. I’ve blogged about her before, but I finally got to meet Bug in person. Bug hikes. She camps. She travels the country by car and plane. Bug is even learning to ride a paddle board, while wearing a tiny, homemade life vest.

She came to Colorado with her favorite person, Dr. Ken Lambrecht from Westside Family Pet Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin. He was in Colorado for a veterinary meeting, and he made time to visit me and Lilly in the canyon.

Lilly stayed in the car because even though she was feeling really well last week … I did NOT think she was up to a real hike of any distance. BUT, Lilly and Bug poked around together afterwards.

best dog blog, champion of my heart, hiking cat
Bug, the mighty predator
best dog blog, champion of my heart, hiking cat
Bug seeks a safe spot from dogs hiking by
best dog blog, champion of my heart, hiking cat
Bug considers a nap mid-hike
best dog blog, champion of my heart, hiking cat
Bug tries a little rock climbing
best dog blog, champion of my heart, hiking cat
Bug watches Lilly below
best dog blog, champion of my heart, hiking cat
Just a couple of girlfriends on a hike (notice Bug on the rocks above)
best dog blog, champion of my heart, border collie hiking
Lilly watches Bug scale the rocks

I’m trying really hard to MAKE time to see friends. Since Ken and Bug were only in town for the weekend, I ditched work for a couple of hours to get outside with my puppy-girl and to meet this amazing kitty.


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  1. I have a hard enough time hiking with the two dogs, never mind adding Bob the cat to the mix! 🙂

    Still I might try it if it was just me and the cat.

  2. Bug is one cool kitty! I love that she calmly gets herself out of harms way when she encounters strange dogs on the trail. I once had a cat that liked to go camping with me, but she wasn’t a big fan of hiking. I’m glad you and Lilly had a chance to meet Bug and spend some time with her. I hope you’ll share some photos and videos of Bug on the paddle board in the future!

  3. Amazing, I also never heard of a hiking off-leash cat. However, the most important part…these are great pictures of Lilly! She looks like her old-self.

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