Give Love to Some Like-Minded Friends

Work load, stress levels and other drama running high again this week. In lieu of a Rox & Lilly post, I’ll merely point to these two nice blogs that address, debunk and muse on the other side of dog training that makes so many of us sad.

Boulder Dog – Alpha Dogma: Goodbye to All That

Favorite line: I see alpha dogma as a mind-set, a mental lens through which we view our dogs. I think it leads us to perceive our relationship with our dogs as adversarial.

SmartDogU – Methods Schmethods

Favorite Line: What looks like success is really learned helplessness. The dog is shutting down, not learning how to behave.

Laurie Luck, CPDT, over at Smart Dog University is taking a beating by fans of dominance theory. So, I know she’d appreciate some additional pro comments by positive reinforcement supporters … if you have the time.

Roxanne Hawn

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Nancy - May 22, 2009

Thank you for this post and these links. I am not immersed in dog training theory, but I know that the two different trainers we went to with Dinah who used the alpha method (love “alpha dogma”)made her anxious and unhappy. After switching to a trainer who used love, the activities as their own reward, and lots of positive reinforcement, the turn around was amazing. The positive reinforcement (clicker training) is all that Crispin has ever had, and the difference is astounding. No more whisperers or alpha dogmatics for us!

Laurie Luck, CPDT - May 22, 2009

Thanks so much for the mention on your blog. It’s nice getting some +R! Love your blog, kisses to Lilly! (I have a Lily, too, but with one “l”.) Quirky, but we love her anyway. Maybe even more because she’s a quirk! 🙂 Thanks again.

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