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November 25, 2014

Here, friends, is post #3 (of 5), telling the adoption story of border collie puppy, Clover. When we left off yesterday, I’d just hit SEND on an adoption application to Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue >>>> You see, the electronic application didn’t just go to the rescue group’s adoption committee or leadership or just to her foster family, it went to EVERY single volunteer in the organization. Everyone saw everything I wrote. Everyone (I suspect) felt the emotion behind Lilly’s loss. Everyone got probably too intimate of a look into my life and into my heart.

That includes a veterinarian (Dr. Beth) who volunteers for the rescue group, who just happens to be really, really good friends with our primary care veterinarian. They went to veterinary school together.

When she saw my application with my veterinarian’s name listed, she essentially told everyone, including some naysayers of the idea of a long-distance adoption, “Let me make a call.”

And, that was the first appearance of fate into the adoption process. Well, maybe the second … if you count me seeing her adoption photo out of the blue on Facebook, the day AFTER I sent the draft of the first book based on Lilly’s life off to beta readers. (I suspect that big step freed my heart in some way.)

Friday morning, I learned about Dr. Beth’s role in our possible adoption approval right before I took Ginko to see our vet. I was anxious to see our vet’s face when she walked into the exam room. I figured I’d know right away if Dr. Beth had called her yet or not. She hadn’t, but when I told our vet the story, showed her puppy pictures, and explained how complicated the adoption logistics might be (early on, I thought I would fly to Virginia and fly back with the puppy), she basically said she would not only give us a glowing recommendation but that she would tell them they should bring the puppy to me.

Pretty good reason for Dr. Beth to come to Colorado and visit her friend. No?

Friday morning, I also learned from Beth (whom we’ve come to call Clover’s “Sister Mom”) that a friend of her cousin lives not far from us and was willing to come do a home visit that weekend. (Yes, I stayed up late and woke up early, scouring the house like a woman possessed.)

To say that Beth and Dr. Beth took on the puppy’s future
like a mission from God is an understatement.
They became our advocates and our logistics partners
and our cheerleaders from that first email until
puppy’s arrival in Denver, Saturday, September 13.

border collie puppy, dog blog, champion of my heart

After spending part of the afternoon at our home Saturday, September 6, talking to us, walking around our property, and meeting Ginko, the rescue’s surrogate site visitors (Teri and John) declared our home “dog heaven” in their official report back.

Throughout the nearly non-stop talks surrounding the possible adoption, I kept saying, “Let me know when we’re officially approved.” It seemed like a done deal, but I really needed someone to say so.

You see, there were 20+ other applications submitted for this puppy – more than any others from the same litter. Beth suspects it’s because her adoption profile said she was the runt.

I’ve dug through my email trail, and I think we finally got the GREEN light to adopt, Sunday, September 7.

That’s when things went wild …



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  1. I still marvel at what a small world we live in. I was having dinner with a friend at an outdoor cafe in Virginia this past summer when Dr. Beth came up to me and said “I didn’t know you and Roxanne were connected!” Dr. Beth is a friend of mine, and had seen me comment on your Facebook posts.

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