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Category Archives for Entirely Off Topic

Ocupado – Backstory Behind Champion of My Heart Absence

best dog blog, champion of my heart, traffic sign graphicLilly and I apologize for the sudden, unexplained absence from blogging these last two weeks. Due to a new and difficult stage in our eldercare responsibilities, we cannot promise it won’t happen again, but we’ll do our best to keep afloat and provide some entertainment.

If you’ve not yet LIKE’d our Champion of My Heart Facebook Fan Page, where we sometimes report on such life events, we’ll catch you up on the backstory behind our absence:

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Hoping for Hearty Goldfish

best dog blog, champion of my heart, photo of two goldfishIn spring 2011, I bought Tom 19 goldfish for our pond out front. Their numbers quickly dwindled to 6, maybe 8. Our best guess is that birds or maybe a raccoon got them since we never found floating bodies. Due to wild moss overgrowth in late summer, we haven’t seen the little sweeties since August. Then, the pond froze.

The valley experienced some early, sub-zero temperatures for about a week, and the ice blocked our chances of getting the fish out. Our plan had been either to (a) overwinter them at the humane society pond or (b) overwinter them in a tub in the house (as we did in the past, with our first batch of fish that lived 3 years).

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Newsworthy: Bug, the Hiking, Camping, Super-Social Kitty

Thanks to my work, writing pet industry and pet consumer articles for magazines and online outlets, I interview lots of amazing people and pioneers. The latest one to catch my fancy? A cat named Bug, who hikes, canoes, and sometimes oversees events at her human companion’s veterinary practice (Westside Family Pet Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin).

OK, I might be a tad partial to Bug since that’s one of Lilly’s nicknames, but she is an awesome, awesome kitty. Observe. Continue reading