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Category Archives for Dog Musings

When a Puppy’s UTI Won’t Go Away

Wouldn’t you know it?! We adopted, and our new puppy’s UTI won’t go away. Based on my history with dogs, it seems I’m not allowed to have ones that are 100% healthy on arrival. So, when we got the call a week before Clover’s anticipated flight to Colorado telling us she had a urinary tract infection, we weren’t surprised. No biggie, we thought. Get her on meds, and we’ll take care of the rest from here. After weeks and weeks and weeks of meds, when the UTI remained, we headed off to see the veterinary specialist. Continue reading

Dog News Roundup – Jealousy, Telling Time, Sniffing Bottoms, and Black Dog Adoptions

Many of you probably see dog news items like this come across your social media newsfeed. Still, I thought it might be helpful to gather a few in one place (with a comment or two from me). Topics include canine jealousy, how dogs *might* tell time, what they learn from sniffing other dogs’ bottoms, and the myth of black dogs not getting adopted as much. Continue reading

The Right Time to Get Another Dog, After One Dies

I’m sure people wonder about our timeline on getting another puppy or dog. We’re not even thinking about looking until spring 2015. I’m announcing this in part to keep well-meaning folks from sending me links to adoptable dogs. It’s also a statement of faith that at some point in the future I won’t feel quite as grief stricken as I do today.

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Guest Post: Why I Approved 1 Border Collie’s Adoption to 1 Particular Family

Sunday, October 20, 2013, marks the 9th anniversary of Lilly’s adoption. Here is that story through the eyes of the adoption counselor who gave us the green light.

On a sunny October day in 2004, while I was a volunteer adoption counselor at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, I had the pleasure of assisting little Daisy (now the infamous Lilly) become part of Roxanne and Tom Hawn’s family.

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Old Dog Maintenance – Ginko’s Turn

In about a month, Ginko will be 12. He recently had a thorough exam, senior blood work, and vaccinations (3-year rabies, 1-year lepto). And, this week … he went in to have his teeth “done.” While he was conked out, they went ahead and took off two bothersome lumps — one on an eyelid and one his head.

Ginko did great, but he still isn’t feeling entirely like himself … yet.

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