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Category Archives for Back Story

Ocupado – Backstory Behind Champion of My Heart Absence

best dog blog, champion of my heart, traffic sign graphicLilly and I apologize for the sudden, unexplained absence from blogging these last two weeks. Due to a new and difficult stage in our eldercare responsibilities, we cannot promise it won’t happen again, but we’ll do our best to keep afloat and provide some entertainment.

If you’ve not yet LIKE’d our Champion of My Heart Facebook Fan Page, where we sometimes report on such life events, we’ll catch you up on the backstory behind our absence:

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Dog Training, Fearful Dogs, and Acceptance

After our one and only dog training class in public this year (over Thanksgiving), Amy from, pet travel made easy, asked an important question: “As long as we can navigate our daily lives without outbursts, I don’t really need to push [Buster’s] boundaries. Have I just lost my motivation or gotten lazy? Have you ever felt the same way about Lilly?”

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