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Category Archives for Dog Photo

Happy 1st Birthday, Clover

Even though we adopted Clover out of rescue, thanks to her Origin Story, we know today is her 1st birthday. Her actual birthday — not just a day we picked as such. I had big plans for doing a fancy birthday video, showing the best photos from the last 8 months and maybe some video clips of her best tricks, but I’ve been so busy trying to finish the book, that I ran out of time. So … enjoy these 5 favorite photos from last weekend, when we began gearing up for Clover’s very special 1st birthday (along with a photo from the day we met)!

Happy Birthday, Clover Lee Hawn. Your momma LOVES you!

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Happy 15th Birthday, Ginko!

For a large breed dog, 15 is downright ancient. It has always been our goal for Ginko, though. He is officially the oldest dog I’ve ever had. With 3 potentially fatal health conditions, our time with him could be short. Or not. Today? We simply celebrate our handsome, sweet, goofy Old Man! Happy birthday, buddy. Here are 8 GREAT photos of Ginko! Continue reading

Comparing Dogs – How Clover is Like and Totally NOT Like Lilly

Busy with book stuff. Happy to say I found a solution to my cover image problem. Now, I just need to decide between 2 spectacular cover designs. Harder than I thought it would be. Stay tuned for the unveiling of the final cover. In the meantime, here are some early insights into how Clover is like Lilly and the many ways that she is completely different.

border collie in snow, champion of my heart, dog blog, copyright roxanne hawn

Photo of Clover taken this morning (April 3, 2015) in the fresh snow.

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The Future is So Bright — I Need a Nap

So, here’s the thing. I’m tired. Really tired — between working, raising a puppy, caring for a geriatric dog (which means we see 2 am, 3 am, and 4 am quite a bit), and lingering grief. If I could, I’d take a long nap every day. I can’t, though, so I do the most with each day’s top-top-top priorities, and I tell myself it’s “enough.” Otherwise, I’d work too much, neglect my family, and never sleep. That leaves the blog, which I really would like to continue, and the book, which I really need to finish, in a state of limbo. I’m trying, kids. I really am.

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