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January 31, 2008

While clipping Lilly’s toenails the other day, I accidentally cut one of her dew-claw nails too short. I used that quickstop stuff to get it to stop bleeding, but then every time she went out in the snow, it would bleed again. So, being the Mr-Fix-It he is, Tom devised a solution.

He used a little superglue and a bit of paper towel to make a little cast-like thing, and it worked really well.

Once it dried, I had to trim away a bit of excess that got in her fur, and she licked the area for a few days, but we kept it clean, and all is well. She’s no worse for wear.

I know other people swear by the nail grinder, but I can’t imagine trying to get Lilly used to the noise and vibration. For now, we’ll stick with the turkey-for-toenails program, where I trade her food for each one she let’s me trim. I take just a tiny bit off once a week, and that seems to do the trick.

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  1. I taught freak boy Cody to accept the Dremmel as a 5 or 6 year old but it was a long process. I started with a regular old emery board to get him used to the scraping sensation. Then I moved on to a cheapo battery operated human pedicure kit. It was from Conair, cost maybe $10-$15 and had a device very similar to a Dremmel but with a way weaker, quieter motor. After he got used to that I moved on to the Dremmel. He prefers it to the nail clippers. This took a lot of time and treats though and cutting his nails is still a 2 person job.

    Lola hates the Dremmel though and she’s o.k. with the clippers so I never bothered going through the effort with her.

  2. I think you have to start with the Dremmel when they’re still very young (while you can still hold them in your lap). I’ve never had any luck getting an adult dog to accept the Dremmel unless they had some experience with it as a youngster.

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