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January 29, 2008

If Lilly is reluctant to do something, if she believes she’s in trouble, if she’s feeling exponentially submissive, she writhes on the ground. The closer you try to get, the more she wriggles away. We call it “hover-crafting” because she scoots across the ground as if my magic. Well, it turns out other people call it “worming,” and I’m told it can run in border collie genetic lines. Hmm.

I guess I’m thankful that she doesn’t have the submissive potty problem. You’ve probably met at least one dog in your life who does this — pees (or poops) when approached.

I grew up with a cocker spaniel who had the pee problem. I swear my childhood friends thought her full name was “That’s Brandie. Don’t pet her. She’ll pee.”

If you waited just a bit until she settled down, then you could pet her. But not right away.

So, even with Lilly’s inherent shyness, I’m very, very grateful that the problem is no worse than a little worming now and again.

Sometimes the worming goes vertical, which has resulted in Lilly getting her head and upper body stuck up my pant leg (like wide legged capri pants, for example). She’s also come close to showing the world my undies, when I’m wearing a skirt.

Now, *that’s* togetherness!

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I don't just love dogs. I need them in my life. Seriously.

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