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Category Archives for Dog Video

Newsworthy! Ecco D’Oro, Canine Philanthropist and Crusader

The girls of Champion of My Heart first “met” Ecco D’Oro, a passionate Spinone Italiano (Italian pointer) with a penchant for stealing underwear and snorkeling in the koi pond, when we reviewed Ecco’s human grandma’s book about a Native American artist named Quincy Tahoma.

best dog blog, 2010, champion of my heart, ecco d'oro photo

"It's exhausting being this handsome."

The truth? We were a little sad that we were not the first dog-based book reviewers on the scene.

Since then, however, we’ve made friends via the blog, via email, and on Facebook with Ecco and his many, many dog friends … who collectively put the “Power of the Paw” into action every day through both virtual and real community efforts.

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Dog Training: Clickers and Herding

Since we have no herding news of our own, after a long lapse in lessons due to non-stop work and family demands, today Champion of of My Heart looks at how someone else uses some clicker training in a herding context.

Herding is often taught using mostly pressure and “corrections.” And, when you ask about how clicker training might fit into the process, you’ll hear some grumbling about things like:

  • The livestock are their own “reward.”
  • Clickers make dogs focus too much on you and not on the task at hand.
  • It’s a natural, much more dynamic process than teaching another kind of trick or easily segmented task.

So, when our pal Anna from Happy Healthy Pup, who recently relocated from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Atlanta, Georgia, suggested I talk to Astrid Smith from A Dog’s Journey … well, I sent and email and got on the phone.

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Forget Coffee: Jolt of Border Collie Enthusiasm

Oh, it’s Monday alright. I made a few decisions these last 3 days (you know, like spending time with my hubby, pups, and family) that sends me into a new week behind on pretty much everything. Yes, I had some coffee (rare for me), but I thought we’d share a little Lilly-style mojo.

best dog blog champion of my heartSo … if you are feeling:

  • Under the weather
  • Under never-ending deadlines and demands
  • Under the influence of negative people or energy
  • Under the pressures of worries or emergencies

Then, Lilly and I send you our very best wishes for strength, patience, grace, and productivity via this new video showing … Enthusiasm Border Collie Style.

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Book Review: The Bedtime Book for Dogs

The Bedtime Book for Dogs by Bruce Littlefield is dedicated to Littlefield’s Good Dog Wes and all Good Dogs in our lives. Check out our video book review.

The Bedtime Book for Dogs: Summary

best dog blog champion of my heartThe Bedtime Book for Dogs tells the story of a dog who wanted to play, but his friend was busy … so the dog uses a variety of talents to seek his own adventure.

Since Lilly has been known to get into dangerous scrapes while making her own adventure, you might be saying, “Uh-oh,” about now.

Rest assured all is well in the end, but I’m confident my friend Susan McCullough, who writes the Northern Virginia Dog Blog (which is often about the importance of scooping the pooping), would blanch at this Good Dog taking care of business at the local park.

As our friends at like to say, “There is no poop fairy.”

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Dog Training Docket

The challenge of working 10-12 hours every day for weeks (possibly months) on end is that the pace leaves little room for much more than survival. That means, other than the usual daily dog training cues and rewards, not a lot happens. So, to keep myself on track and to renew my commitment to all of you who follow our dog training tales, here is a recap of what’s currently on our dog training dock / dog training wish list.

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