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Category Archives for Dog Video

Trust & Silliness

Shot this video clip this morning. It demonstrates things Lilly has learned from Ginko and from Katie. It takes a tremendous amount of trust for Lilly to A) go belly up in front of another dog and B ) actually play a little in front of another dog.

Ginko Loves Green Grass

I tried getting Ginko to do his one and only trick on camera last week. Instead, he chose to do this. If all those dog body language books are right, then this clip shows unadulterated joy.

Another Video Study: Dogs at Play

During the summer, Lilly and Ginko ONLY play like this after it cools off. In fact, once Ginko turns into a wild monkey we know the temperature has finally dropped. I’ll call your attention to a few things.

FIRST, if you’ve only ever seen Lilly snark at other dogs, then I’m happy to show that she indeed does know how to play at least a little.

SECOND, notice how quiet she is. Typically, when Lilly plays with non-household dogs (if she will), she is a barking, bossy wreck. That’s why I often mute the sound on videos of her playing with or chasing her best, best friend (Katie, the borzoi).

THIRD, if you didn’t know already, which one would you think was younger?


Lightening Over Denver

So, I’m no weather chaser or professional videographer, but we often see quite a lights show over Denver from our house. The altitude combined with the way the valley looks down toward the metropolitan area gives us a neat perspective. I isolated just this one strike and slowed it WAY down so that you can see the details. This storm went on for at least an hour.

Paraglider Sails Above Our Valley

Last week, we had an aerial visitor sweep through the valley and cause a flurry of barking dogs. Maybe the person riding waves of warm air looked like a large predator from above. Once when Lilly and I were having lunch down in town, one such paraglider swooped overhead and landed close by. Lilly flipped out.

People jump off a mountain south of here and follow the air currents all over. Personally, I’d be terrified. Heights freak me out. That mountain you see is about 10,000 feet tall. I have climbed to the top with Tom and Ginko (the summer before Ginko blew out both knees). Photo of our valley below the video.

A Video Study in Canine Body Language and Play

Lilly’s best, best friend (Katie, the borzoi) came to visit over the holiday weekend. I shot some good at-play video that I think is pretty instructive, when slowed down. It shows Katie and Ginko (our big boy) playing, with Lilly on the edge of the action. Considering that Ginko can be a bully and initially showed reactivity toward Katie when they met a few months ago, and considering that Katie was pretty fearful of him because of that, the two of them playing is a triumph of positive reinforcement that we did every day over many weeks.

For those who’ve read Calming Signals or Canine Body Language, you’ll notice several things:

First, while you do not really see a formal “play bow,” there is a lot going on.

Katie is a master at inviting dogs to play and then using calming signals (looking away, laying down) to keep the action pleasant. Notice too when she shakes off the energy.

Ginko shows a deftness at using bouncy, big movements and a perpendicular body placement to keep things friendly. (He might be “showing his boy parts,” which he is fond of, but I’m pretty sure he is trying to be nice.)

Lilly, whose dog-dog skills aren’t so good because she is so fearful of other dogs, mostly chases, barks, and hangs out along the edges of the play space. The two girls tend to play chase games, as seen here.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is the end, where Katie goes to get a drink out of the fountain. Lilly and Ginko follow her, but then split off to give her space.

After several minutes of play, with breaks and more play, Katie flopped down on the grass to sleep. Ginko picked up a toy and played by himself, and Lilly went to follow my husband as he mowed the uppper pasture.

Two more more things to note:

Typically, they do NOT play like this until they’ve been together for an hour or two. They all race around at first, then they often just do their own things for a while — poking around the pasture or the pond and exploring what’s what.

I suspect that playing is contageous because after Katie went home. Lilly and Ginko played a rousing game of what we call “Rabbit Dog,” where they take turns chasing each other betwen bouts of front-leg thumping and jaw wrestling. At one point, they both flew into our pond with such vigor then shot out again that my husband was convinced I’d thrown a ball. Sorry to say I don’t have video or photos of that.

I swear it was like having Katie around reminded our dogs that they are pretty fun too.

How to Hunt Voles: An Instructional Video

For your amusement, instruction on how to hunt tree-killing voles in the Rocky Mountains.

Step one:
Stalk your prey.

I shot video of the stalking, but it’s tedious because she only moves an inch at a time. Plus, I had to zoom in from afar, and the movie quality was poor.

Step Two:

Dig. Snort. Repeat.

Do notice her filthy, but happy face when she looks up.

Step Three:
Observe trenches for any sign of movement.



A Friday Chuckle Video

We’ve had another beyond-busy week, but I had time to throw this silly video together to the theme from The Lone Ranger. Notice toward the end, when Katie streaks off, that Lilly, then Ginko follow.

Weekend Visitors

Despite a work schedule and pace that may just make my eyes bleed, we enjoyed some weekend visitors. One unexpected. One not.

Our buddy Angus, who came visiting earlier this week, took advantage of the batteries in his invisible fence collar going bad to partake in another adventure Sunday. At first I saw him in someone’s yard, and I figured they’d grabbed him. BUT, when I went to make lunch, I saw him 2 more pastures down poking around.

So, I kept my wild beasts inside and went out to our fence. I hollered, “Angus, is that you?” He stopped and looked at me. I tried recalling him, but he did not budge. So, I squatted down, looked away, and made kissy noises.

It worked. He came barreling toward me, so I ran to grab my gate opener — promising him treats and praising him the whole time. He followed instructions and my movement toward the road and came racing in the open gate when I called him to safety.

What a good boy! I wish I could be sure my dogs would respond so well to a relative stranger. Angus and I see each other in social situations once on a while, but he hardly knows me knows me.

Once again, I did not subject him to Lilly or Ginko since I was in the middle of a tough website writing project. But, I did take the opportunity to shoot a little video of him so that you can see what a great buddy he is. He is such a classic, perfect lab that it cracks me up. Ah … to have such a well-adjusted, non-fearful dog. A girl can dream!

Clearly, I wasn’t paying attention to camera angle. Ha! Beginners!

When I drove him home, I realized that his three canine packmates as well as his two equine pals were all out poking around, so I parked on the road and walked him in, rather than risk opening the big driveway gate and unleashing two-species pandemonium.

Bossy, Bossy Girl

Snow week continues with this video clip of the
all-too-common sprint out the front door. I slowed it down so that you could
see the power of her lunges. I wish Lilly wasn’t this bossy, but she is. Ginko is such a saint to put up with it. He loves to stop dead in his tracks so that she overshoots and flies by. It makes her so mad.

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