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Watch Lilly run agility at home

A couple days ago, Tom shot some video of
Lilly running her home agility course. (Last week, it took 3 tries to get this to work. The solution was to post the videos to YouTube and link to them there. So, to simplify, I’m re-posting this and deleting all my mistakes.)

Remember … I classify us as sub-novice
since our agility training went great for 6-9 months, before going to
crap. So, the patterns we run at home are EASY because I just want her
to burn off some energy, work a bit and have fun and because we don’t
have much equipment.

Our home training space is about the size
of a small round pen, like what horse trainers use. It’s flat, fairly
rock free, but that’s about it. I may work on weeding more and adding
sand next summer.

Notice, also, our make-shift teeter. It’s a
plank balanced on the crossbar of a box dolly that’s turned upside
down. It’s not very high, but it makes a good metal banging sound,
which I hoped would help with our teeter issues. To catch you up, if
you haven’t been following our saga, Lilly indeed can do a training
teeter at nearly full height, but she avoids the competition teeter at
all cost after a bad experience. (To read more about that, circle back
to this post from May.)

see her slip a bit on our teeter in one of these videos, but she
recovers and is no worse for wear. Notice too (if you can pause it),
how she checks in with me as I clear her out of her two-one/two-off
contact. That’s my girl!

For those who regularly follow our
training drama, feel free to comment if you see anything in her
movement or attitude that sheds light on our struggles … other than I
sometimes miscue the weave pole entrance. And, yes, watching these
myself I realize I still do a groan/laugh thing when she misses
something. Bad, mommy!

This first video is just under 1 minute, I believe.

First Video

This second one is shorter, just a few jumps and some weaving.
Second Video

Thanks for tuning into Lilly TV. :o)

Roxanne Hawn

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Rox - October 24, 2007

Thanks. I think so too.

Yes, our own tiny teeter, and even the adjustable one at the training field, are fine. It’s the “real” teeter that freaks her out.

Cedarfield - October 24, 2007

She looks great! Happy, fast, nice weaves and totally relaxed about that teeter.

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