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Category Archives for Dog Video

Adverse Rabies Vaccine Reaction: The Year in Pictures, Part 1

Wednesday, January 23, 2013, marks the one year anniversary of the rabies vaccine that nearly killed Lilly, our canine heroine. This whole week, we will review the year in pictures (and video). It’s a great opportunity to see how far we’ve come. It’s a great chance for those new to our story to catch up. Today, photos from the first hospitalization.

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Adverse Vaccine Reaction Relapse Recovery – Sept 2012

You have our apologies for the lack of blog posts this week. Just too-too-too much going on with Lilly, with work, with my mom (who is terminally ill). Here is a little VIDEO recap of Lilly’s recovery so far.

Keep in mind that her ultimate prognosis is unknown. We could still lose this battle. This new treatment regimen could fail. BUT, for now … this is how Lilly looks and acts (much of the time). The rest of the time, she sleeps … a lot.

For now, we are simply grateful for each DAY, whether it is a good one or not.

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Adverse Dog Vaccine Reaction Setback and New Symptoms

If you’d asked me last Thursday night about Lilly, I would have extolled her recovery virtues. Friday morning, however, Lilly suffered another major setback in her quest to heal from vaccine-induced meningoencephalomyelitis / meningoencephalitis (inflammation of the brain and lining of the brain and spinal cord).

It’s a good thing we already had a “routine” veterinary neurology appointment scheduled that day.

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Border Collie Puppy Up for Adoption – Colorado!

This is Oreo — the border collie puppy who went missing for 8 days in our canyon recently. She is currently being fostered by one of our neighbors and is up for adoption from Charlie’s Place Shelter in Dumont, Colorado.

I got to meet her in person today (May 25, 2012), and she is awesome. Honestly, I’d adopt her in a second, if the timing were right or we didn’t already have 2 dogs (our limit).

Please help us create a social media blitz so that Oreo can find her forever home! Video with photos and a clip of her playing fetch below.


6 months old

female / spayed

smooth coat border collie / mix

border collie puppy up for adoption Charlie's Place Shelter Dumont  Colorado May 2012

Oreo says, "Adopt me. Won't you?"

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Squee Alert – Video – Border Collie Puppies

These tri-color, smooth coat border collie puppies were born at Valdemar Farm in Fort Lupton, Colorado (where we take herding lessons). The litter is jokingly known as “Big Head Todd and the Monsters.”

This is Big Head Todd. His head really isn’t *that* big. It just looks bigger because it’s all white.

best dog blog, champion of my heart, borrder collie puppy with white head

We made a little puppy tribute video to all the “monsters” (5 boys, 1 girl). I should have been more methodical in my picture-taking. I’m not sure I show each puppy individually, and I’m pretty sure I show some more than once in the video. BUT, I just picked the pictures I liked best.

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Adverse Vaccine Reactions – Dog With Butter *Butt Syndrome

Next up in our gallery of changes since Lilly developed meningoencephalomyelitis / meningoencephalitis (inflammation of the brain and lining of the brain and spinal cord) after an adverse vaccine reaction to a rabies vaccine is this video showing how much trouble Lilly has holding a simple sit. Sometimes, her front feet slide out. Sometimes, we joke that she must have “butter on her *butt.”

Our veterinary neurologist points out that Lilly’s brain inflammation has more to do with body awareness and control, but this sure looks like a strength issue to me. What do you think?

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Lilly’s Brain Injury and Exaggerated Agility Style

At our last veterinary neurology appointment, Lilly got the OK to do agility and other more strenuous tasks so that her brain can start figuring out how to rewire certain movements. I convinced myself that Lilly jumped differently and weaved weirdly, but after looking at old agility videos, it seems more like Lilly exaggerates her movements following her “brain injury.” Videos, ahoy!

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