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Category Archives for Dog Brag

New Year, Same Lilly

We’re back. After 12 glorious days “off,” Lilly and I find ourselves nearly ready to begin a new year. We spent 7 of those 12 days home all day in a binge of Silly Lilly Whatever Days. We slept. We walked. We hung out. We were grateful. We’ve seen a few blips since our last regular reports, but all in all … Lilly is steady and doing well 21 weeks since her massive vaccine-induced brain inflammation relapse

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Improvement Report: Lilly’s Recovery from Adverse Vaccine Reaction

Last weekend, Lilly got her 3rd cycle of cytarabine injections (4 sub-q injections over 2 days). She handles it like a champ. Honestly, other than the fact that everything about her reeks of medications, you’d never know she was getting pretty aggressive treatment for rabies vaccine-induced meningoencephalomyelitis (brain inflammation). This week, we saw some improvements.

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Adverse Vaccine Reaction Relapse Recovery – Sept 2012

You have our apologies for the lack of blog posts this week. Just too-too-too much going on with Lilly, with work, with my mom (who is terminally ill). Here is a little VIDEO recap of Lilly’s recovery so far.

Keep in mind that her ultimate prognosis is unknown. We could still lose this battle. This new treatment regimen could fail. BUT, for now … this is how Lilly looks and acts (much of the time). The rest of the time, she sleeps … a lot.

For now, we are simply grateful for each DAY, whether it is a good one or not.

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Update August 17 – Adverse Rabies Vaccine Reaction Relapse

Lilly made great gains in her recovery through about Wednesday. She hasn’t been as great since then. She seems weak, tired, wobbly, and droopy. I worry about her gums and tongue being pale. We’re not getting much sleep at night. BUT, Lilly can walk again — not well, but she can walk.

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Update August 12 – Adverse Rabies Vaccine Reaction Relapse

More good news today! Mentally, Lilly is so much brighter, alert, aware, and responsive. Physically, her motor skills still suck, but she can push herself up into a SIT. She needs help keeping her balance, but she can use her front legs to push up. There is a good chance she can come HOME tomorrow, so I have a boatload of housework and preemptive cooking to do. Just a few pix from today’s visit (Sunday, Aug 12, 2012).

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