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Update Lilly’s Lump: Canine Adnexal Nevus

If you missed the news from late last week, the lump our veterinarian surgically removed from Lilly’s neck was BENIGN … and kind of a weird one, called a canine adnexal nevus (or fiboradnexal hamartoma). Not scary, just strange.

Canine Adnexal Nevus (fiboradnexal hamartoma)

I’ve only had a little time to dig around and try to figure out more about this thing Lilly somehow grew. Based on what our veterinarian told me and what I’ve found online, here are some basics (hover over bullets to see relevant links):

  • It’s more of a lesion than a tumor … though, Lilly’s was not open on the surface, but enclosed beneath normal-looking skin.
  • Some lesions are congenital and others occur following trauma to the area. I asked our vet if it’s a possible outcome from her first rattlesnake bite to that side of her face, but she doesn’t think so. Perhaps something more mundane like poking herself on a branch, while racing through the trees by the creek.
  • Nevi: An hamartoma is a malformation with tumoral aspect, formed by components which are normal parts of the organ in which it develops but which are arranged erroneously (CIVATTE). A nevus is a cutaneous hamartoma which may arise from any skin component. Nevi are rare, congenital or not and the mechanism of their formation is unknown.
  • Treatment is surgical removal, when feasible.

Canine Adnexal Nevus Surgical Recovery

Lilly is doing really well. She completed her round of pain meds and antibiotics, and most days she does not need to wear her post-op pashmina to prevent scratching … so the incision must not be bothering her too much.

best dog blog, champion of my heart, border collie smiling one week after surgery for canine adnexal nevus

"They call me Zipper Neck."

Ever the busy girl, desperate to be OUTSIDE in the amazing fall weather we’re having, Lilly is a bit crabby that she cannot return to normal life for another week:

  • No long walks or hikes
  • No playing fetch
  • No rough-housing with Ginko

However, Lilly is being an excellent, not too fussy patient. We go back next Wednesday to get her staples out.


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Donna - April 18, 2012

Hi – My 10+ yr old Boarder Collie, Annie, has a very strange lump on her neck, that is filled with sticky clear fluid and some blood. The vet put tubes in and kept it draining for 10 days, and she has had many antibiotics and now added antiinflamatory meds. This has been going on for about 4 months. She also swallows a lot. The vet really doesn’t know what this is. The lab reports says possible “adnexal gland cysts.” I have been reading and found your website re. Lilly. Did her symptoms match Annie’s? Do you know anyone I can contact for better help for my Annie?
Thank you very much!

kb - September 30, 2011

I’m so glad that Lilly is recovering well!

Living Large - September 30, 2011

Wow. So glad it was something benign. Yay for Lilly!

Candy Blakeslee - September 29, 2011

Leave it to Lilly to have something I could never pronounce! Glad she is on the mend.

Leland - September 29, 2011

I am SOOOO glad Lilly’s okay! Angelo sends big tail wags and kisses!

Leslie Hetherington - September 29, 2011

Glad to hear Lilly is doing fine. Thank you for sharing your experience and the detailed explanation of what to look for in a lesion and how it can be treated.

Pamela - September 29, 2011

Would sniffing out some treats around the house be allowable activity. Might get her brain going while her body is healing.

Tell Lilly is time for her to stop being so special. Why can’t she just have a broken nail or tick like every other dog? 🙂

Glad that only the name is scary and that she’ll be fine soon.

Hawk aka BrownDog - September 29, 2011

Hi Y’all,

So glad it’s good news!

I hate it when my activity is curtailed. Hang in their!

Y’all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Ashley - September 29, 2011

Such great news that she’s doing well. And I’m glad you wrote this post with all medical jargon included because it’s something for me to look up and learn about! Ha.

Maggie - September 29, 2011

So glad it turned out to so well! And she looks fantastic and happy… despite being stuck indoors!

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