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December 4, 2009

I’m not sure this counts as a real training update, but Lilly learned to wear a sweater this week. I’m not big on dressing dogs up, but the seriously frigid temps here this week dictated otherwise. It turns out that it worked a bit like those fancy dog anxiety wraps. Lilly seemed pretty happy and pretty mellow in her sweater. She looks cute too.

{Photo missing as part of a massive blog photo problem. Sorry about that.}

I have to giggle about how well the sweater fits Lilly because Penelope was MUCH bigger, and it appears I stuffed her into this.

My initial reaction was that the sweater made Lilly a little sheepish, but at the end of the first day Tom said he thought she seemed happier. We tried baby onsies and a complicated thing with ace bandages to calm Lilly down at agility, but without the medications and without all the behavior modification we’ve done in that last couple years, the results weren’t great.

With wind chills just crazy below zero here today, I figure a little extra protection cannot hurt. I might look into getting her (and Ginko) more sweaters or maybe a coat. I could learn to knit, I suppose … you know, in my spare time.


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  1. All my dogs have coats and 2 of them have booties. I’d get some for Lola too if she’d keep them on. It’s the only way we can walk when the temps. go into the single digits.

    My dogs have all seemed calmer/quieter around the house with the fronts coming through and cold weather/snow so maybe some of Lilly’s mellowness is weather related.

  2. We have ‘jackets’ for all of our dogs, fleece-lined with an outer wind-resistant layer. They fit nicely and seem to help a lot when we’re camping in cold conditions. Moreover, when our past dogs have gotten really old, they wear them around the house to stay warm.

    I have a photo of R wearing one:

    You can barely see that he’s wearing it because it’s black!

    Glad that Lilly likes her sweater!

  3. I love this sweater. I don’t like dressing dogs up (tho I have a raincoat for Murray since he has such a light coat of his own) but I’m trying to find a sweater for Annie, since she doesn’t like to be in the house when I’m not home. Most are gross, but this is nice!

  4. Cute! I never thought I’d be for dressing dogs up until I got a little dog. Or maybe I’m just a kid at heart who misses dressing her dolls…

  5. Very classy. I think burgundy is her color. I had a fleece lined nylon coat for my pit bull mix when she got older and so thin that the cold affected her more. She often managed to remove it on the tree limbs however.

  6. I’m not big on dressing dogs up, either, but she sure looks good in that color!

    I have a sweater for Marge, but it’s gotten a little tight around the front legs. I think I may invest in a new one.

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