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Rolling … Variations on a Theme

Last Friday, I worked outside on the front patio while Tom began installing new windows in my office. I don’t typically work on Fridays during the summer (a tiny bonus of being self-employed), but since he was busy, and I was in NO mood to clean house, I worked. After spending hours and hours and hours transcribing interviews, I got camera happy. Here are some tricks I thought you might enjoy seeing.

Roll It
Now, I posted a photo of this eons ago, with instructions on how I taught it, but seeing it in motion is much funnier. (use the link, if the embed doesn’t show up for you, please.)

Roll Over
OK. So, I know this isn’t as impressive, but Lilly is the first dog I’ve ever taught to roll over, so it still counts as a brag. Roll over link. 

A Full Balance Beg
Lilly’s original beg requires putting her front paws on my knee for balance. She was just too cagey and nervous when I tried to up the ante and get her to balance without help. In recent weeks, however, we figured out that if she had something to focus upon, then she could balance. So far, I cannot get her to pop into this position on her own. I have to hold a stick or toy above her head in one hand, then pick up her feet with the other until she’s in position. Then, I say BALANCE, and she’ll usually hold it … for quite a long time, actually.

The key is that it doesn’t work with food, only toys … a stick is even better. Look at that tiny waist!

(The original photo has gone missing. I’m sorry. Rotten technology, sometimes.)

Roxanne Hawn

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