Champion of My Heart Store 

champion of my heart zazzle store

Products inspired by Champion of My Heart dog blog and Heart Dog book through our Champion of My Heart store:

  • Choose from these 5 great designs and MORE !
  • T-shirts for women and men (short sleeve, long sleeve)
  • Mugs
  • Stickers
  • Totebags

champion of my heart t-shirts

champion of my heart store
my soul mate barks t-shirt
dog girl t-shirt
dog lover t-shirt

my soul mate barks coffee mug
champion of my heart coffee mug
learning shouldn't hurt t-shirt
my soul mate is a dog t-shirt

These fun t-shirts for dog lovers and other fun items like mugs and totebags are inspired by the ongoing stories of what it's like to live with border collies (or any dogs). We seek to inspire, to share the love, and to show our total pride in sharing our lives with such amazing souls and soul mates -- who just happen to be canine loves of our lives. It isn't that we don't love people too. We do, but dogs truly are angels in furry coats. If you agree, please visit the Champion of My Heart Store and see if there is anything you cannot live without. (ha ha)