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Category Archives for Dog Rant

World Rabies Day 2012 – Insights After a Near-Deadly Adverse Rabies Vaccine Reaction

Today is World Rabies Day, which is meant to “raise awareness about the impact of human and animal rabies, how easy it is to prevent it, and how to eliminate the main global sources.” Nine months into a life / death struggle following Lilly’s severe adverse rabies vaccine reaction, I look at things a bit differently.

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Adverse Vaccine Reaction Treatment Costs Top $15K

It’s official. I hadn’t added everything up since the end of June, but I did on Friday, and we topped $15,000 in expenses to treat Lilly’s severe rabies vaccine reaction. To be exact … $15,095.01. People have been asking, so I’ve again set up a chip-in, if you’re so inclined. No pressure. No expectations at all. Continue reading

Update August 17 – Adverse Rabies Vaccine Reaction Relapse

Lilly made great gains in her recovery through about Wednesday. She hasn’t been as great since then. She seems weak, tired, wobbly, and droopy. I worry about her gums and tongue being pale. We’re not getting much sleep at night. BUT, Lilly can walk again — not well, but she can walk.

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Is a Current Rabies Vaccination Enough to Protect Dogs Exposed to Rabies?

Via a daily news brief of veterinary-related news, I learned of 12 dogs in Mooresville, North Carolina, who were put down after one of them — a puppy — contracted rabies. Many people were also exposed at a recent fish fry and are receiving treatment. The case raised a critical question: Is a current rabies vaccination enough to protect dogs exposed to rabies?

I’d always thought the answer was YES. Apparently, the reality is more complicated.

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