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June 8, 2011

The Bedtime Book for Dogs by Bruce Littlefield is dedicated to Littlefield’s Good Dog Wes and all Good Dogs in our lives. Check out our video book review.

The Bedtime Book for Dogs: Summary

best dog blog champion of my heartThe Bedtime Book for Dogs tells the story of a dog who wanted to play, but his friend was busy … so the dog uses a variety of talents to seek his own adventure.

Since Lilly has been known to get into dangerous scrapes while making her own adventure, you might be saying, “Uh-oh,” about now.

Rest assured all is well in the end, but I’m confident my friend Susan McCullough, who writes the Northern Virginia Dog Blog (which is often about the importance of scooping the pooping), would blanch at this Good Dog taking care of business at the local park.

As our friends at like to say, “There is no poop fairy.”

When I watched Littlefield read The Bedtime Book for Dogs to Wes in this book trailer video, I hoped beyond hope the business at hand was of the liquid, not solid, variety. Alas, upon receiving my free review copy of the book, I found an illustration showing the classic tripod position behind the bushes.

The Bedtime Book for Dogs: Worries and Themes

The Bedtime Book for Dogs is a darling, darling book … if you can stop being a worry wart and just enjoy the story … rather than ponder the real-world what-ifs of dogs making their own way in the world (even for a short time).

Because the truth is, the Good Dog in the story is essentially “running at large,” which is illegal in most communities.

Clearly, I’m being too serious … yes?

The real theme of The Bedtime Book for Dogs, it seems to me, is that the dog realizes such solo adventures aren’t any fun without his person along. And, the nudge for people? Well, c’mon …

  • Take your dog for a walk
  • Play some fetch with a stick of a ball
  • Give your best buddy the attention and fun he / she deserves

Wes does his own stunts in the book trailer video, so it’s well worth a look.

Q & A with Bruce Littlefield about @GoodDogWes

best dog blog, champion of my heart, good dog wesTell us about Wes (aka Westminster).

Discovered on Valentine’s Day in a rescue van outside the Westminster Dog Show, 6-year-old Westminster is a talented:

  • Frisbee catcher
  • Deer chaser
  • Squirrel startler

His daily walk with his rubber chicken gets a lot of laughs. He has appeared on NBC’s Today Show and the CBS Early Show, as well as in publications such as The New York Times and This Old House Magazine. This is his first book.

best dog blog, champion of my heart, good dog wesWe call his breed a “medley.” There are prominent notes of border collie and cattle dog, with undertones of a terrier. He loves working on the farm and makes constant efforts to contain the chipmunks, investigate the groundhog, and keep the blue heron away from the koi pond.

He’s @gooddogwes on Twitter and is enjoying giving out facts and quotes about his kind.

How long it took to teach the tricks in the video?

Wes did all the tricks in the video upon request. The video was done in only three takes (one of Wes’s perspective, one of Bruce’s, and one of Wes & Bruce together).


FTC Disclosure:

I did receive a free copy of the book when I agreed to review it. I was not compensated in any way.

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  1. Westminster and I are Lilly’s newest fans! We love those flips! Thank you for the great review! Woof!

  2. Love it!!!!! Of course, I do have a weak spot for cattle dog mixes 😉

    Sure some of these behaviors are illegal in most communities – but its a kids book. I remember reading lots of books growing up with kids doing things like running away from home and getting into mischief. Just use is as a teaching opportunity!

  3. Loved this review–and the vid of Lilly, as always. And it’s great to read the author’s perspective, too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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